Crikey, what a day!

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Spent the entire day yesterday out and about, getting a ton of stuff sorted. Hospital appointment, car serviced, shopping for some long delayed items. & am to about 4pm and it was go go go all day. I am still hoping to get to LAST weeks WOYWW visits, but every time I sit down to do them, something else gets in my way. I have so much on the go and my room is in such a state of chaos that it’s driving me crazy. I am working in a tiny little area, hence the very tight shots, but I wanted to share a bit more about the weird paint + clear gesso thing I have been doing. I have been experimenting with spreading the gesso on my gel plate with a palette knife as well as just adding a blob and brayering it on.

Either way, and this is super hard to capture, once you spritz on the ink (and that could be almost any spray inky thing) and start brayering that over the gesso, when it mixes, the ink gets … stringy, I guess, and beads up in some places with a really interesting texture to it.

It is very odd looking for sure! And you really need to be patient and let it fully dry before trying to pull the print with your thin paint layer – I was too impatient and …

But when you do pull it the effect is very distressed and like old walls. These are not the best of them but I am working on a little project and stuff is all in various stages right now!

You can see a bunch more there on the left and fuller sized sheets in the heap on the right.

These are some I did before and one or two out of frame are being used in the project as well.

I really, really have to tidy my mess up a bit, but not until I get to those visits! ANOTHER Dr. thing at 10 so I will plan to desk hop right after breakfast and hope I can do it all in a few hours.

One thought on “Crikey, what a day!

  1. Very cool affect. I was working with a gelli plate and plastic canvas years ago. Washing off the canvas the paint came off as a skin. I was able to grab it with a piece of paper and ended up with a lovely image, looks like a fishing net. Way cooler then what I was printing. It’s so hard to craft when life keeps pushing it’s way in.

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