Fodder Keeper, surprise additions!


You will have to look back a day to see my version of a fodder keeper. I snapped another photo of the in-&-out wrapping of the long elastic from the name badges to give you a better idea of how this bit works.

After stripping the elastic from the badges, I had all these little sleeves left. Too good to waste and a perfect size!

I joined them in pairs, using first metal tape and them some washi. Again, using stuff up…

I punched a half-circle for easier access into the sleeve. Each page has three distinct areas of elastic at the spine.

And that area was PERFECT to slip in one of these little bi-fold sleeves – or even two!

And here is another surprise – one of the Challenge classes was making a mini-fodder keeper (which I think I showed here a couple of weeks back) and it ALSO slips inside that elastic to add to the space in the book!

And even with all that, and with a lot of fodder inside already, there is still room for it to grow.

I am pretty happy with this for sure. Are there things I would improve? Of COURSE there are – I mean this is me, after all. But it does what it is meant to do, and even without the badges I could totally recreate it by using elastic on a roll, then creating the bi-fold extra pockets from page protectors cut to size.

How it compares to the original I don’t know, but it sure suits me down to the ground.

Cannot BELIEVE it’s already WOYWW day tomorrow. and I think my desk might actually be tidy for a change. Check back to see….

2 thoughts on “Fodder Keeper, surprise additions!

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  2. loving your folder upcycling and catching up on your previous posts, yep, sure we all have those clear plastic inserts, brilliant idea, does this mean I need to keep an eye out in the office bins now?!! lol!
    Hope you are feeling a bit better too? I know what you mean re decision on meds, when I was told “take methotrexate” all I could think of was, “oh, thats a chemo drug but for rheumatoid arthitis”….BUT after a ton a reading on contraindications etc I made the decision and so far, 11 years later, still on it and my regular bloods are sort of ok. Its not easy having to decide on medication reviews though, SO much information and nothing is clear I find. Hope your bloods come back ok

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