WOYWW 686 – serendipity rules!


Happy WOYWW day. I am having a break this week from my knitting mates because so much else is going on. But I am still keeping busy in an arty way, just not with yarn for a day.

I should begin with my horrifying desk. There is just a ton of stuff all over it – lots that you might recall from my AJJ prompt page, with the weird stenciling tip using packaging debris. Page back a day and see.

Yeah. I work in chaos most of the time. Luckily I have the other desk. And this is where the serendipity comes in. Forgive me for all of the upcoming links (or maybe you will appreciate them?) I have a few things laid out, ready to begin a project birthed from such a wide variety of things I feel like the trail is interesting at least.

The gel printed papers are from a couple of days of playtime, trying to mimic a technique by Robyn McClendon that she calls Venetian Plaster. She uses a weird product called Stainz to get the effect, and these were from some of my attempts to get similar with none of that. The deck of cards was from a box of card decks I found while having a tidy before the in-laws visit and set aside in my craft room. While walking on the treadmill, up popped a 6-year-old video about making a little accordion book from playing cards and that included just a hint about making “washi tape” using Scor-tape. Which I have. Hearing that was enough, no need to watch. I had signed up for a small class (also by Roben Marie) called Urban Journal Remix. THAT came with a load of really lovely printables (you can see a sheet of what she calls washi strips there) that I thought went nicely with the papers. I have something like 23 pages of those and while not all go with my papers, a lot of them do. So there you go. All of those breadcrumbs led me to a creative trail I plan on following to the end.

But before I do, I have some desk hopping to do! Happy WOYWW once more!

14 thoughts on “WOYWW 686 – serendipity rules!

  1. Ditto above!! I also wish I could play as much as you! Great fun, I need more room! (Hubby said I already have every room in the house) Your desk looks fabulous I was having a closer look earlier! Keep Crafting! Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #25

  2. Hi Mary Anne! I love following those breadcrumbs – you never know where they lead you! I think rabbit hole, is another expression you’ve used before – both are so apt! Washi tapes with score tapes – got ya! I can totally see how that would work – I’ve probably even made some before using that technique, I just forgot. I sometimes go back to my own blog to rediscover long forgotten things LOL! I would really enjoy the Urban Remix class – love Roben Marie’s work in general and I recognised her style instantly. Have fun with the workshop and I look forward to seeing what you create! xx zsuzsa #18

  3. I would have to say I would struggle to create on your desk but it is fascinating with all the goodies you have on it! Cool washi strips!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Carol N #23

  4. This is a great desk, full of love and busy just as it should be. Love it and the washi tape strips. Have a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x9x

  5. Well I’m not entirely sure your desk is as messy as you think it is, but I love what you’ve been doing..that plaster effect looks great to me, count on you not to be put off a technique by missing an ingredient. Really interesting about the foam packaging, love the effect you’ve got with it. Also on your last post, the shadow on the!

  6. Hi MAryAnn, Fun Desk today! So much color, I love it. Have a great week, Ginny M

  7. I do like those washi strips, great idea. Have a good and crafty week. Happy WOYWW. Angela #16

  8. On my mobile. We will see if I can comment.. lively desk. I too work in various states of a schamozzle! 😄🤣
    And go off on tangents. Though not on a treadmill as don’t have one.. did walk though down at jetty on the way home after mailing a card and other snail mail I managed to do!

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless you and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  9. Love seeing a chaotic desk Mary Anne – a sign of much creativity. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #17

  10. My word, that is a busy desk. I could not manage to work in that as I am a neat freak, hence my name probably. Lovely looking at your desk though and seeing all the things you have on it, I am so enjoying my visit.
    That washi tape is fab! So bold and bright.
    I got my month wrong for AJJ it’s September not August so tehat gives me a bit more time – now I CAN RELAX.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  11. How do you find the time? Lol, love that bg effect. Keep playing!! Happy WOYWW, love n hugs Cindyxx #15

  12. Thank you for the links – I follow them later, they looks very interesting. I like the way your desk is looking, kind of the same when I am working with my art and not tidying 😉 Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great week !!

    Mariane #12

  13. I do like the washi strips very much, they work so well and the page to the right really does look like faded stucco – two good tips from the treadmill viewing!! It’s amazing what pops up when I’m watching YouTube on the exercise bike, lol. You revel in that glorious desk, it’s evidence of some hours well spent.
    HUgs LLJ 5 xx

  14. I wish I had the time to play as much as you do – with as many desks!! there are some great results, I do always check them out . Happy WOYWW Helen #2

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