My little Collage Fodder book


The Fodder Challenge freebie taster session is still going on, but not for much longer. This little pocket fodder book was one of the lessons and quite easy to make. I went off piste, as is my way, and sorted out a slightly different way to make it, to be able to use a full A4 gel plate pull (from the Quad of Collages lesson) and some bits, rather than the larger piece required from the class. This is your basic flutter book, with a fold-over that makes a pocket. I have seen this before, which is why I didn’t feel the need to follow the class precisely, to understand the process.

What is in it at the moment are some bits of text snipped from a magazine. I often see interesting bits in various places and I really like to save them. More often than not they get thrown in a pot with sentiments or printed and cut words and phrases, but now I have the perfect place to stash them and keep them nice. You won’t believe where I found them!

Yep. One of the freebie Waitrose mags had 4 or 5 pages of interesting phrases, mantras by “famous people” that I thought could be used in my Journal Petite or on another art journal page.

Not all of them fit perfectly, but they can all be trimmed into words or shorter phrases to fit. Cute, humm? I plan on making a larger version and if I can streamline the process and make it work (easily) for a variety of sizes I’ll share. I think a larger version would be handy for keeping little bits in one place. And I have some ideas for using some mop up sheets or making a collage of gel plate pulls that might be interesting. We’ll see. It’ll alllll depend on Mr. Sun and the temp in my room!

6 thoughts on “My little Collage Fodder book

  1. Love your little book! Thinking of joining FS1. i have seen many things people have made from those classes I like.

  2. I wondered if Waitrose magazine was online and it is. You can even look at back editions, not for the Health one 😦 I thought I could print the phrases out. Ah well! I do like your little book. We are thinking the same thing on making bigger ones. I used 12 x 12 in the caravan, but I have A3 at home and something slightly bigger I think. I am glad you enjoyed the sessions.

    • I used a sheet of A2 layout paper and made one beginning with an 18″ square. It’s quite cute 🙂 But we got the laser printer and I am deep in the weeds with laser print image transfer at the moment ….

  3. I love it MA, your ‘standard flutter book’… nearly choked on my coffee! After that, can’t say which I like more, the actual make or use for it, very cute as you say. Great size. You’re such an off piste merchant that for me the shock would be if you said you’d completed something to the instructions!!

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