Magazine image transfer with WHAT? And yes, it works.

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So yeah. I was playing around with something I did back in 2018, which was transferring images that I had stamped with archival ink onto glossy magazine pages. You can see that post here. It didn’t always work but depending on what you stamped on, it did offer some interesting effects. Or at least I thought it did. But because it was so hit or miss, I really didn’t do much more with it. Kinda th same with image transfer on a gel plate, or at least for me. At some point I saw something about using ink to transfer images and I decided to have a go with that. Blimey. It works a treat.

Weirdly I almost get a better transfer from the Waitrose grocery store freebie than Vogue, but yeah, you really do need to pick a very high contrast image, just like with the paint. Well. The success with that made me want to give the old stamp-with-archival a go and see if the transfers worked better. And yes, they do work pretty well!

So the reason to do this vs. just stamping the image would be what you fill the image with , by stamping over something on the magazine paper. Had I pulled that print ontoplain white paper, I think you would have seen the mag text within the image but as a transfer. But I ended up pulling it on an already painted page in my Journal Petite so it kinda disappeared into that. Oh well. I am 100% not done playing with this, but I have a knitting thing to share first and tomorrow is a day packed full of appointments and meetings, and phone calls so not for a few days I’m sure. Anyway, here is the page – I like it, and yes, truncating SPILL to PILL was very much intentional…

I really love the misty and indistinct nature of the transfer but do wish the text was seen more.

One thought on “Magazine image transfer with WHAT? And yes, it works.

  1. Just distress ink on gel plate gave those results? Wow! I have to try that! TKU

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