Relief Roll-over technique


I have been watching a bunch of videos about collagraph techniques, and making texture relief boards. I had an idea to stick a stack of die-cut shapes (in this case, botanicals) onto cardboard and use them as either kinda stamps or as a relief print. I thought deli paper might work nicely as it is quite thin but very strong and I have a lot of it.

I rolled the paint over the deli paper and got some interesting grungy images. They should collage nicely onto art journal pages.

It’ll seem rather counterintuitive, but the bottom is where the brayer was most heavily coated in paint (Dina Eggplant – such a pretty colour!) and the clearer (ie less background coverage) images at the top left wre when the paint on the brayer was pretty light. I think that is a better image.

And it made me think that other things would work too. In the case of this stamp, the roll-over give you the image in the same orientation as you see on the stamp. Sometimes this is what I want, and in the past I have stamped on the deli paper then flipped it over to stick the stamped side down on the page.

Problem with that is the image is fainter cause it’s the back. And the paint gives it a really, well, painterly effect, different to ink. So yeah, over all, I really like it and it fit perfectly on my inserted round page in my Journal Petite!

And all I needed was a few words to complete it. The irony of the quote origin (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is not lost on me, but at least in the past his stance has been pro-choice and at least partially interested in limiting guns so I guess I’m OK with using it. It works.

Seems like this is morphing into a work-thru-the pain journal LOL! I may not live in the USA but I have plenty of female relatives there who potentially might be affected by the craziness. So yeah, working thru it….

2 thoughts on “Relief Roll-over technique

  1. What fabulous images! Must try this technique!

  2. WOW… what a wonderful work of art. That is very inspiring, if I may say. Thank you ever so much for sharing, I think I am able to go on now to make more ART ( mojo has been gone long time, unfortunately )

    Mariane #19

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