Finally – a gel plate play session!



I have been dying to play with my various gel plates and finally I did!!

I had bought some additional alcohol inks. The first thing I did was sort out marking the bottles so I could see the colours at a glance. They came sealed tight so I poked a small hole with a pin, so I could control better how much came out, then dripped a bit on some glossy paper. Rolling the bottle cap in the ink worked for me.

I have been quite keen to play with the alcohol ink/paint combo techniques and It works, no doubt. I was keen to try to avoid too much spread under the stencil so I brayered on a bit of hand sanitizer to the card first and that was great. Truly, one of the prettiest prints I ever pulled:

Beautiful but yikes! Look at all that wasted ink on my stencil.

I did try to pull it off but you can see on the left and center two it really didn’t budge. The last one is lovely!

So what’s the difference?

After adding the alcohol ink to the stencil opening I pulled it off and set the plate to the side to dry. I put a blob of hand sanitizer gel on the paper and brayered it on.

I laid that surface over the stencil and it pulled off a LOT (but not all) of the ink.

The last one shows both the pull (using white paint to pull the ink off the PLATE) and the clean up (getting a print from the ink on the STENCIL on the hand-sanitizer coated cardstock) and both are lovely in different ways.

I have really missed the experimentation part of creating. I used to do a LOT of gel plate stuff, stuff I never saw presented anywhere else. And I really like pushing the limits of my supplies, so this was a really fun play day for me.

Back to the journal on Monday and I might figure out a way to add some of these in that – or maybe just create a whole new one….

3 thoughts on “Finally – a gel plate play session!

  1. You have me itching to have a play. Super prints!!

  2. Hi Mary Anne, just popped back to apologise that the link wasn’t working n Wednesday but it was the post below which I think you’ve seen. Enjoyed watching you play with the gel plate. I love them so much but when i get started I can’t stop so have to make sure I have space on my desk and plenty of time too. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xxx

  3. Adding hand sanitiser results are amazing! Love what you did there, itching to play but I have rather a lot of master boards at the moment….. Mind you, different colours would d give me more choice….

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