Busy weekend. Firstly, one more update on the curtain

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I keep doing this. Sorry. I did finish my deli-paper filled curtain for all three windows. I did add a little something, as I mentioned I was planning in one of my WOYWW comments, and a couple people said they were looking forward to seeing it finished so…

The thing I added was a bit of stamping in some of the circles. I used some of my Dina Wakley stamps including the little guys that I love so much.

To be fair some of my choices were more successful than others. In the cases where there was black paint, the stamping was pretty obscured.

As the circle had already been stuck in place I was limited as to where the stamping would fall. Otherwise I would have rotated the circle so the faces were in the area with no black paint. Ah well, live and learn. I just have a few of the images dotted around but I do like them. Every time I spy one, I smile.

Pretty dark and dismal when I took the photos above and I am struggling to show that they still let in a lot of light, because of where the windows are! No matter. I just love it. But I am done now. No more to share on this one.

I have been working on my Journal Petite a fair bit, so there will be more to share on that. After a certain point, the lessons move to things that are better, perhaps, as further layers. My focus has been to get a base down on every page and not will hope to move to topping those plainer pages with more layers. Well, after I go back to the inserts part. More circles! LOL!

One thought on “Busy weekend. Firstly, one more update on the curtain

  1. that looks fab!! love it.

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