Two interesting (unknown to me) Art Journal techniques

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Lesson 4 is Large Free Writing. I had no idea what that would be. I was surprised that I LOVE it. The idea is you basically write, with a paintbrush, a pen, a thick or thin marker, all over the page, with very large handwriting,and layer over and over till the whole page is full. Wow. It actually looks great (well to my eyes) either just as layers or layered over a plain painted background. And different sorts of pens or brushes give a totally different look!

The left is one where I layered a bunch of highlighters and a few pens on a plain page. The right is thick paint and chalk markers over an already painted page!

And I had to keep adding layers…

My problem was that words simply were not coming to me. But I had some book pages I had torn out for the collage lesson so I just kinda plucked words and phrases and sentences out from that and wrote them!

I think this is perhaps best as a second layer, at least. I like the writing over the painted background, but maybe slightly less so AS a background?

The second technique today is Lesson 6 Scribbles! That and the large writing seem slightly linked so I’ll save Lesson 5 for next week.More on that in a bit.

The scribbles is pretty much what it says, scribbling. It can be like the large writing, so it is layered over and over to create complexity.

That is stages of the same page. I think this sort of thing maybe takes practice to get it just right, but it is unique for sure!

Lesson 5 is Bindings, Flaps and Tabs – I’d like to think on that and try to come up with something unique. If I delay posting about it till Monday, it gives me the whole weekend to try to come up with something. I have an idea or two but will it be unique? Time will tell…

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found something interesting and welcome your feedback. If you ask a question, and don't add your email, do either subscribe to replies or check back. I try to answer every question if I can. Cheers!

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