That damn blanket – finished!!


I did say I would not share it till it was done and it was. I had my Drs. appointments , so arranged a trip to Franklin’s in Salisbury on Thursday (well, The Hubster went for me) and they were super helpful. When he arrived looking, a bit lost I’m sure, they took from him the ziplock bag that had a skein of ugly neon orange yarn I bought thinking it would work and it did NOT and the ball band for the lime green I came up TWO PUFFS SHORT of, and matched it then did a simple exchange, even without the receipt. Gotta love real life good customer service.

Then, right before the hottest day of the year (29 C/ 84 F ) I cranked out those puffs, completed the row and filled in the gap. In the cool of the evening I joined up the bits and…

Here is a detail of one of the diamonds that make up the star pattern:

Still not sure where it will be going. I think I just want to look at it for a bit, as I really really like it a lot but am in NO WAY tempted to make another.

I was also working on another couple of small knitted projects, gifts for my grand-niece and nephew, and they might have mad it into the mail by the time this post publishes. One is a super cute freebie dragon and the other is a cranked unicorn rag doll. Bother were fun, turned out super cute, and I hope will be happily received. Not the best photos but I struggle to get the most interesting bits in one shot LOL!

Still working thru the lessons of Journal Petite and will maybe catch up on the couple I have done over the weekend in my post tomorrow. One of them is possibly my favourite one….


5 thoughts on “That damn blanket – finished!!

  1. The blanket came out lovely. Why not hang it on the wall? The design and colors are so cheerful, it would make you smile every time you saw it. Those knitted animals are great. I’m sure the children will love them.

  2. I love the dragon so much!!

  3. Brilliant blanket, in colour and in design! Love the unicorn and the other squiggley thingie too.

  4. That beautiful, wonderful blanket. A Masterpiece!!!
    You keep it and look at it every day….. Almost blood sweat and tears but so, so beautiful.
    Be proud….. It makes me want to cry it’s so beautiful. Give it a stroke for me as it looks super soft.
    Well done.

  5. Well done. Well worth doing.

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