Petite Journal – page full of brushmarks

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Mark-making. Ugh. I am bad at this. My marks never seem to look or feel free-flowing and meaningful. I have attempted this in the past and other than dotting circles about, never really got into the zone people talk about. It stresses me out rather than letting me slip into a Zen state. But here I go.

A selection of brushes and more MM paints – I WILL use them up!

So a few interesting things. The first one is I got some weird marks. I used the very tip of a slightly dried out brush and got these weird but very regular marks. Best as a top layer I think

Of course as soon as I washed the brush I lost that. Oh well.

One stupidly unrealized revelation was you can just turn the journal around, instead of angling your hand in an awkward way, to get marks in the other direction. DOH! So simple…

And I love me some dots. I wanted to see if there was a brush for that. In the end the best result was a very form but small stencil bush. The revelation about that was the loading of the brush with more paint than you think you need, and the amount of pressure of brush to paper, really alters the shape of the “dots,” as does the 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation touches to the paper, if that makes sense.

One of my favourite pages was one that used only a couple of colours + black and white, same brush, for a kind of all over pattern.

This is another favourite. The problem with this one is it is on the back of one of the collage pages and the paint 100% shows thru.

So am I 100% comfortable with mark-making? No. But I think I can actually say not YET. There is a chance, if I do more of it, like with most things in life, I will eventually be if not totally comfortable, at least more comfortable. That is a win.

The next class is large free writing. Oh dear.

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