Collage in my Petite Journal


I do a lot of collage but one thing the instructor mentions is that it is quite different working on a very very small journal (with very very thin pages) then your usual, even smallish, art journal! The size of two pages is 5 tall by x 7 wide

To be honest, this spread is my least favourite – more on why in a bit.

I pulled out a few bits I have been hoarding. Some UK folk might recognize these – they are bits of the wrappers from some old Christmas crackers! I just love love love the design. I originally saved them as I thought they might make nice ATCs (and in fact the main bits, which I did not use for this journal, still might!) but wanted to use edges of them for the text and the gold sparkle.

I started off with a little restraint. Quite liked it, and the way the collage cascades down the page.

The thin paper seems to buckle and warp in the no-collage areas, so the next two I went for more overall cover. The one in a more cohesive colour palette is fine, but the one at the top is a hot mess. Nothing goes together! It is all to random and haphazard for me and I wish I could rip it out.

I feel like it is destined to be one of those where you put a stencil over it and black out most of the page, but am worried the texture of it will make even that look crap. {sigh} Luckily, the last one I did I like best of all – very restrained all in strips, limited colours, and finally some of the cracker bits.

It needs trimming up along the edges, but I do love it a lot.

The next lesson is Surface Filled with Brushstrokes, which has some interesting samples in the preview, so I might go back to those MM paints to try to see if I can actually use a few up totally. The colour palette in the samples is not dis-similar to the colours I have, with Black and White added as other choices. Should be interesting, if short. Most of the lessons are pretty short and this one is only 5 minutes, so I’ll be tackling that as soon as I find a few minutes.

2 thoughts on “Collage in my Petite Journal

  1. Collage isn’t that simple, is it? I agree with you that the last one is the best, in fact I think it’s gorgeous! I, myself, always use thick paper to collage, maybe you could make the pages heavier by putting gesso on it before you start? Have a great week, love from the Netherlands! Marit #3

  2. I like your collage pages, and the idea of lessons is to learn, which you are doing! even if you learn you don’t like the results!! The one you don’t like much you could tone down with some dry brushed gesso maybe. Have fun!

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