Blanket Update – arrggh.

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So many things. The blanket is moving along nicely and is looking really good. But there are problems. The biggest one being I began cranking and assembling it based on the guidance I saw in various places. The uniform pattern is 22 pin machine, 17 rounds. Yeah. Na. Going back to the previously mentioned varying weights of yarn (because I stupidly went for the colours I wanted and not sticking to a single brand – lesson learned!) all work better at 15, some work even better at 14, and for Hayfield, I cannot get the 32 puffs on the light colour from a single skein. I COULD have, had I begun the process with 14 rounds per puff, but having done nearly half of them (and sewed them in strips) before I recognized the issue, I am screwed. Here is where I am, the turquoise flower is the middle of the blanket. You can begin to see the pattern here.

The lime yarn is the issue. I have EIGHT puffs and I need NINE to fill the empty spot and need ONE more to complete the diamond on the right (off the edge of the table) so two puffs short. Doh!

The other issue is that my machine does NOT like the Hayfield at the tension I need. I has worked HARD over the last couple of weeks and need cleaning and possibly, if the internet is to be believed, some grease/lubricant – silicone based, NOT WD40 (although the silicone version seems to be OK) – and that means taking it apart. WHAT?! But I have a lot more cranking to do. I took a moment to count up the puffs I need. Eek.

Thank is a LOT of cranking. I think I am going to carry on with the yarn that it seems to tolerate then follow a YouTube tutorial for cleaning and adding a couple of shims to the handle. By all accounts that improves the performance a LOT, and once I do it, it will seem less intimidating for the future. And doing the 22 pin machine means that I will have a chance to practice on the slightly cheaper machine before the big one needs attention.

Still a bit terrified of screwing it up but it needs to happen.

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