An actual bird!


Busy, busy day. I just managed to squeak in a page using the birds I had already dragged out. Thanks to Helen (H) for the stamping session at that long ago crop! I do love the funky birds. I made them by stamping on various plain and patterned paper then paper piecing the birds from cut elements.

I got my little pot of printed words and short phrases (rather than my pot of long phrases and quotes this time) and pulled three. Sometimes the pulls don’t in any way match my challenge goal and I feel like I would struggle to use the words.

I mean maybe Hidden, maybe Madness, but I had an idea for the phrase. I had stumbled across a scribble of paint I made AGES ago. I blogged (in 2013!) about using the white version of this, from a Jane Davies tutorial (yep, still a good link) and when I found it during my grand tidy I felt I could use it somehow. and today was the day!

Sticking it to the page was a bit tricky – I feel like I would maybe do my rolling-matte-medium on the gel plate trick next time. But yeah, it stuck fine in the end with just a dot at each intersection and at the free-floating tips of the scribbles. In the end it got to this:

The left image is the page with the journal flat the right is it standing up. Hard to see but the page sort of floats over the tabletop, as it is shorted than the ones that surround it. I do love this journal.

I also spent some time musing about AJ pages. I have come to the conclusion they don’t always have to be this crazy work of art, with a million techniques and supplies. Sometimes it is just the making of the page, doing something, ANYTHING, that is the thing that makes it a “great” page. Overcoming the chaos of life to carve out a tiny sliver of time to get your art on is what lifts the art to a higher place. Or at least it is for me. I would rather make a page, any page, than not do a page at all because I let my desire to create a “masterpiece” when I know I can’t find more than a few minutes to work on it stop me from my desk.

So another for the AJJ challenge and a more legit bird this time. Now I might wait for the June one. Super busy day today and I need to find time to prep for WOYWW. Will I manage it? I hope so.

16 thoughts on “An actual bird!

  1. Still can’t comment on your woyww…not sure why…

  2. I must get out those birds!

  3. Love the paint scribble and how you’ve used it. Super find. BJ#12

  4. yes, I love the glue/paint idea and have done it years ago, but then forgot so…thank you!! bfn

  5. Cute post I NEED to get out those BIRDS I love them but if not out I forget about them. I’ve TOO MUCH
    Have a good weekend.

  6. That’s a great way to use the sentiments, I have those birdsa and must use them again soon,

    Take care and stay safe,

  7. Oh my giddy aunt Mary Anne 🥰😍💛💕 I’m loooooving your birdies,your page in your journal,your pot of words … tooo your written words … so true in every way!! Your an inspiration,thank yooou 🤗 and helloooo … I got carried away 😁😀🙃 Thank yooou for your beautiful words 🥰 on mine. Much love and hugs Tracy #11 xxxxx

  8. Ooh love that page Mary Anne. The crazy birds are always fun and the sentiment goes so well with what you have done. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #9

  9. These birds make me smile! I love this idea with that scribbled paint for not only design but texture as well! Really cute and clever page!

  10. Love everything about your page! Fun all over. Impressive scribbles and the birds always make me smile. I need to go dig mine out and play with them! TFS this great page.

    I agree with you – we should worry less about the complications and just create!

  11. It’s very funny page 🙂 The birds look a little bit crazy 😁 Great creation!

  12. I get exactly what you are saying about a tiny sliver of time. Sometimes I think we have too many art supplies that always need organizing. Just making a page is fun, and it should be enough. It’s too easy to think we need to do more. OK enough of my babble. I like your black squiggles and the funky fun bird. it makes for a very fun journal page. Thanks for sharing with us at AJJ for Matilde’s challenge. It’s fun to have you join us. Hugs-Erika

  13. This is wonderful. I haven’t seen those birds for awhile, but I sure like what you created. I loved reading about the skins, too. Thanks for sharing this beautiful bit of inspiration with us at Art Journal Journey using Matilde’s theme.

  14. I remember the birds being quite popular at the crop – probably the last time I stamped them, though!! Love the way you’ve used them.

  15. I love these birds. And the final product is a perfect image of me looking around my room! Thank you.

  16. Great page, love the birds.
    Wonderful to use up stash…. Especially old s tree Ash…
    Left in this Google idea of the word stash, what!!??

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