IS it a bird? Maybe….Art Journal Journey page


I mentioned the fact I was hoping to manage a page for the Art Journal Journey challenge for May but had not been able to so far. WELL. I grabbed some birds I had made from some stamps, actually from a long-ago WOYWW crop (so that dates them as the last crop I was at was eons ago!) pulled a quote and was about to make a start when, clearing off my desk, my eyes fell on some leftover unused bits from my WOYWW ATCs.

In the interest of making use of debris I think my brain looked at them and said BIRD!

You can see the stamping was less that stellar on these two so they didn’t make the final cut. I felt like I could still use them and also commemorate the 13th anniversary in my journal. And I had the quote I used on the ATCs printed on vellum as well that I could add. There was an extra space in the first part of the quote and I decided against the [ ]s where I changed HAD to HAS, for aesthetics but it was useable. AND I even found my hoarded vellum adhesive and while the first bit was a bit dry, the rest was still very much invisible under the vellum. Win!

The real decider came with the pulled quote, which didn’t really work with the other birds at all but worked amazingly well with these and the whole WOYWW theme. I shuffled things about a bit

And the final design also used the roll of tape measure tape that I used to close the envelopes I mailed my ATCs in. Now tell me, isn’t the quote a good’un for this?

So yeah. The little figure is a BIT bird-like don’t you think? I mean it does have wings and is flying…. That’s my story and I am sticking to it LOL!

Another busy week, but I will hope to do an ACTUAL bird page for AJJ before June rolls around and I think I missed out a few of the tail end of WOYWW so must get back to finish the list and check out the AJJ pages from THAT list as well. I totally need more hours in the day! Bet you do too…..

5 thoughts on “IS it a bird? Maybe….Art Journal Journey page

  1. I found the birds again, your birds, here….I was thinking of doing ‘something’ with my birds, I means…the digi ones. I don’t have real ones, and your next post made me think! Yes…me? Think?! Like it! Is this a late WOYWW aniversary, I get confused!

  2. I love your bird! It’s very creative! Beautiful page and great idea for this! Hugs, Matilde 🥰

  3. I think that figure can pass as a bird. It is a very creative take on a bird and a very fun one too. I’m glad you could join us for Matilde’s bird challenge with this fun take. Thank you. Hope all is well. hugs-Erika

  4. You are correct. I definitely need more hours in a day or maybe an 8 day week. I think your birds are cheeky and adorable. Love this journal page and the quotes you chose, too. Thanks for sharing this with us at Art Journal Journey using Matilde’s theme.

  5. Super creative process for your ATCs
    Sorry I’m so late, I seem to get busy Wednesday’s through the weekend….
    Happy very belated WOYWW Anniversary BJ#18

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