Well, it’s been a minute…


I realize now it was a bit inconsiderate to just disappear without any notice. Sorry about that. I did get a few concerned messages, worrying I had been ill, so yeah, I’ll try to make time to warn you if I am going to take a break in future. We had such a crazy flurry of activity prior to the in-laws arriving. We had a painter here for 2 straight weeks, touching up the walls and woodwork in the halls and entryway, plus a few other tasks, as well as a massive amount of gardening and planting, in the hopes we would be able to spend some outside time.

Always a risky bet here in the UK, spring/summer/fall/winter LOL! The once the in-laws DID arrive it was a different sort of flurry of activity – we started off with a morning of Covid jabs for us (Spring boosters and 5th dose for me!) followed by a house concert by a folk artist we like quite a lot

Then spend a very full day for US Mother’s Day wandering around the art installations at Sculpture by the Lake. These guys were a firm favourite, at least for me, but there was so much to see and we had a beautiful day weather-wise from start to finish.

That was followed by many more days out, many long lazy dinners finished up with conversation, knitting with my MIL, and the occasional TV session with darling daughter, who didn’t want to miss her American Idol or Masked Singer USA. FIL spent his spare time processing 100s of photos. I might eventually share some, when he does. One of the last meals was a tabletop Surf&Turf, where we grilled salmon and A5 Wagyu. Smoky, even with all the windows open and a fan set up to keep the alarms from going off, but it wasn’t something we could shift to another day where the weather outside might have been better. And the meal itself was superb. The Hubster has been anxious for me to try Wagyu and it was pretty amazing stuff. The last day was also a skating day so it was off to Heathrow at 7AM. A bit of chaos due to a car broken down wreaking havoc with the airport traffic flow, but the got there in time – darling daughter not so much. I think she managed about 10 minutes of her skate, but hey ho, there is always next week. Now we will settle back down to a quiet house – except this week is full of things like the cleaner coming for a post visit swizz round, piles of bedding and towels to be washed to get the guest room set up for any future visitors (you never know…) a Drs. appointment for DD, a visit from my knitting mate (it’s been MONTHS) so yeah, maybe NEXT week will be a bit more relaxed at least for a while.

I have to admit I barely entered my craft room, except to Wordle every day and check my mail so it may take me a bit to dust off my crafting skills and actually do something so bear with me while I find me feet again!

Might make WOYWW this week, and if so it will be good to catch up again after such a long time!

5 thoughts on “Well, it’s been a minute…

  1. Like others, I was a bit concerned but remembered about your in-laws coming. Glad to hear that you are well and enjoying life!


  2. Good to read your catch up, glad you’ve had such a good family time! Hope you do make WOYWW this week, it’s the 13th anniversary edition! take care


  3. Thank you for the update. I was really concerned for your health. I’m so glad you are well! It sounds like a wonderful visit with your in-laws. I get all your posts, in a weekly digest, on Monday morning. This is the third week you didn’t post so I came on your blog to send a message. I was so relieved to see this post. Just know you are missed. 😁


  4. I did wonder but memory not being what it was ….
    As soon as I read your post, I remembered a out your in laws coming . Glad you all had a good time.
    Take care


  5. I’ve missed you in my inbox!


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