Yarn issues so Art Journal instead!

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Yeah well, I knew I was going to have an issue with running out of yarn! The yarn I used for the sweater was actually bought for a different project so the amount was always going to be a problem. It’s yarn only found at HobbyCraft and I will (hopefully) be able to visit in person as part of an (annoying) trip down to Southampton for a visit to my consultant. I think it’s been about 3 or so years since I’ve seen him in person so I suppose it is overdue, but the two hour trip (one way) for a 30 minute chat is less than welcome, really. But seeing the colour of the yarn and trying to match the dye lots can only be done in person.

SO, I turned my attention to my little arty journal instead. I always have a LOT of samples floating around on my desk. I get an idea. I try it. It works – or it doesn’t – and the bits hang about until I figure out how to use them or I bin them, usually only in the case of extreme ugliness.

The neuro-art bits were from a while back, intended to be ATCs but I never really found the right link. The word I pulled from my pot of small words, rather than the larger one of long quotes that I have used before. I wanted to figure out how to make it all work as an AJ page.

Now, what I struggle with, sometimes, is the overwhelming desire for order that causes me to want to work on the NEXT PAGE in my journal. Sometimes I can skip a page, working on a right page rather than a left, but I really have to feel the pull of a specific later page in order to flip forward. I bypased the left page when I made the support for Ukraine page, and at some point I flipped forward to make a few pages, but since then I have been working in between so I could fill the gap.

I really didn’t think the skipped page worked, and I don’t really know WHY. So I flipped thru all of the remaining pages (a LOT) to very nearly the end until I found this page:

It was exactly what I wanted!

I grabbed some of my oldest supplies (those Permopaque markers are vibrant and wonderful and at least 25+ years old) to both edge the neuro-art block and to colour one of the white die cuts

and then it was just shuffling stuff about till I got the right placement! The TRIVIAL bothered me, because I feel like there is the tendency for people who don’t art journal to think the work is trivial, that it isn’t real art nor real journling. But if you DO art journal you probably know how beneficial it can be to help process life’s ups and downs. So after I spattered on a bit of white Gloss Spray (and momentarily considered what I might do with that lovely over-spray sheet from my spray-box)

I ended up here.

I really liked how the die cut flowed from the neuro-lines on the block and as this is very nearly the last page (except the inside back cover) it will feel like a fitting finish, when I get to it. I might even just stick the back of it to the back cover and make it so.

And so my butterfly mind flits off again, but only because of the yarn issue. I will have to flit on till I either get more or decide to make my sweater more of a patchwork of colour for the rest of it. Time will tell….

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