Another quote, another art journal page


Still pulling my text when I feel the pull of my art journal and it’s working. To be fair I am mostly working in my lovely little Roben-Marie journal, or sometimes the other small one, but I am pretty sure one day soon I’ll want to do a page in one of my larger ones.

I split the quote bins into longer quotes and single words. I can pull one word or many words as I like, when I draw from that pot.

I also am working on using a lot of my scraps, or collage fodder, from a basket beside my desk. It’s quite full. I dragged out these bits:

because I really liked the bright colours, but in the end I only used the cooler colours, since they worked with the background on the page already:

The shapes were very undefined and they worked perfectly to fill the open areas of one of my favourite letter stamps. And those worked well on the page.

The quote is altered from the original, which was From the outside, it often looks bewilderingly trivial, by inserting MY ART instead of the vague it. And it’s true. Often the art we make is considered trivial or pointless or even bad. But what is always worth remembering is that if you are driven to create art, whatever art you make is not trivial or pointless for YOU. And bad is in the eye of the beholder. If you think it is good, it is. If you think it is important, it is. If you think it had merit, if you think it helped you, if you think it gave you wings, it did. And at least you did it. That in and of itself is something. And maybe, even something big.

Be proud. And keep doing it.

I’m gonna link to the AJJ although not sure if I will link it or not – I’ve done quite a few this month and I don’t want to overstay my welcome LOL! At least this is going up on the last day of the month so maybe tomorrow, a new challenge limit me.

4 thoughts on “Another quote, another art journal page

  1. I am actually THRILLED you shared this journal page at AJJ. I love how you created this page. It is beautiful and very inspiring. I say that because I often find and feel that in my own art. Only MY art isn’t as lovely and well put together like yours. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us at Art Journal Journey using Bleubeard’s and my theme.

  2. Fabulous journal page, love the quote and quite agree with your take on it-if it makes up happy keep making it and thank you for the lovely comments on my blog
    Carol x

  3. A fabulous page and quote!

  4. I’m sure I agree with your quote about your page being trivial, but it is a good quote. You actually have a lot going on, and it wall works together well. I think this works perfect for Elizabeth’s challenge at AJJ, and I’m glad you could join in one more time before the new challenge starts tomorrow. Thank you. Have a nice end of February. hugs-Erika

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