WOYWW 664 – not a lot better, sorry to say


Happy WOYWW again.

I realize you might think I mean ME and not my desk! No, I am feeling better, the IVIG is taking hold, but the desk? My word. Main desk:

Leftovers from my first AJ page in a while, and a new page I am considering working on. Lots of debris from the tag book and general rubbish. The other desk is maybe even worse!

What a crazy mess! The snarl in the middle is a bit of cranked-out knitting on the Addi 22 pin machine. Over in one of the knitting machine groups someone showed some “socks” (really a gathered tube) they had knitted, saying they had no problem knitting socks on the machine. I disagreed, and cranked that out to demonstrate what actual sock yarn would look like knitted on the machine. Cause I am a cranky cuss, and don’t think it is fair to imply this is possible, encourage someone to buy an expensive machine then have them find it is totally unsuitable for the intended task! I had to share a side-by-side comparison. I know which socks I’d wear.

You can also see peeping out the sheet of printable quotes I shared the other day. More on that in a bit. So I had a quick tidy up after snapping those shots. The main desk now has my selection of Art Journals with blank pages, because I realize some of the quotes would be too long to fit in the smallest ones, so depending on which one I pluck out, I may have to let that decide the journal I will work in!

I actually plucked out a short one but you can see many of them are quite wordy, like me! The side desk now only has the If you HAD to… cards. Blimey.

Humm. Well tap dancing only applies if you are mobile, so if I am sitting at my desk or on the sofa I am safe. If I’m tap dancing I’m burning those calories like crazy, right? And I suppose Ye would have to pay rent, and he’s rich, so I’d charge a LOT for that pouch rental. Not quite a win-win but no baby seals this time LOL!

So there you go. One more WOYWW down …..

5 thoughts on “WOYWW 664 – not a lot better, sorry to say

  1. Love that you showed the difference with the sock wool, totally agree there is nothing better than asking people who actually use the product. My mum knitted me thick sock/slipper boots (I added glue on the bottom for a tread) by hand on those circular needles, she never made another pair as it took ages!!!!
    Loving the cards this week and yes, charge Ye a fortune for rent, so much he cant pay and then you can evict him!!!!

    Also, loving your recent journal blog and totally agree, I also journal the non pink and fluffy, indeed I sat there and journalled and sketched whilst watching my dad die 9 years ago and always journal these events, looking back to those pages really helps me.

    Also love your pdf and the “I spoke fire” phrase – brilliant
    thanks for visiting my blog already
    Kyla #11

  2. Wonderful creative desks!
    Enjoyed the sock dissertation…
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #13

  3. So glad the infusions are helping. Love the art journal pages and the messy desk is wonderful and looks so colourful and creative. Happy WOYWW. Take care & God Bless, Caro xxx (#10)

  4. I love to see a messy desk – makes me feel right at home 🤣. I had to look on Google for Kayne West, my walking is difficult enough, I can’t imagine moving at all with him in a pouch, so tap dancing all the way – except for the fact that my legs wouldn’t obey! Don’t know what number I am yet. Angela CWJ

  5. Tap dancing every time Mary Anne. Glad the infusions are doing their job. The art journal pages are great. Always good to have quotes ready for inspiration too. Stay safe and happy WOWYW. Sarah #?

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