Incomplete Art Journals


When I was contemplating making a page, I had to drag out all of my partially finished art journals. Too many.

Most of them have a few pages in them, but the one at the right is I think my first Art Journal where I seriously attempted to journal on a more regular basis. I was flipping thru it and came across this page I made in the very early days of 2020:

Feel free to laugh, sardonically. I did. Hey ho. That was the journal I used for the current page. It worked, but the paper bag pages are really quite thin and insubstantial. Not sure I would make another. Counting, I have nine sides, three of which could be double page spreads if I so choose. Adding the newest page to this journal makes sense. but now I have to decide if I will just work in this one till it’s done or not. Tricky decision. I kinda let the creative spirit move me when I am considering a page, and deciding on the journal is as much of the process as making the page is! So who knows?

I don’t really know why the lyrics of Flash moved me, at this particular moment, but I do know when the universe speaks to you. listen. I will add this to an interesting new challenge over at the AJJ called What’s Your Style? I have been flipping thru my old journals and trying to identify common elements to see if I can figure out what, exactly, my style is. So far it’s been quite an interesting process!

10 thoughts on “Incomplete Art Journals

  1. So nice to see so many journals and like you i’m not sure that any one is finished but that’s okay there is definitely no rush. I loved that you shared a comparison, your doodles in your latest work is amazing, beautiful work. Creative wishes Tracey.

  2. Well, I had to look up neurographic art and from what I see it is what I used to do as a child. I used to sit and “doodle” on a piece of paper and then colour the shapes in with something. Now from what I have seen it reminds me of something I saw on FB which ‘Tracy Scott is doing – a page a day ad colouring with pencil crayons in the main. Looks good.
    I love your circles and other shapes that you drew and I love your colouring. What medium did you use?
    As for all those journals – you are far better than I am – I rarely get around to decorating the covers – maybe that is something I should remedy – I love how you have done yours.
    Guess what? I like your style.
    Hugs, Neet xx (nearly wrote a number!)

  3. Adore your “show me the colours” page like bubbles, free but contained. Super BJ#13

  4. Could I get a copy of your planner for the Dash Diet? I bought the book and am just starting. I need help with organizing. I joined the Facebook group but could not find your planner pages. Thanks Linda

    • Yeah I added them there years ago but with no explanation they kept getting removed. I thought it was me, not adding the correctly, I asked if it was a problem, no reply, but then I realized it must have been the owner of the group took issue with them and I stopped putting them up there.

  5. I have lots of unfinished journals myself, but that’s OK because if I have a page or spread that’s need to dry, then I can go to the next journal. Your pages are wonderful. I really love the page with the circles that are colored. I recently learned about Neurographic drawing, and this reminds me of that. Very nicely done. And I’m glad you joined us at Art Journal Journey Mary Anne. Thank you. I hope to see you again here. Art journaling is just so much fun. Hugs-Erika

  6. You have some lovely and colorful journals to choose from. Your latest journal entry is beautiful. I like the neurographic art you are working on at the moment. I really like the bright and beautiful colors and the black and white outlines that really pop on the page. Thanks so much for sharing this beauty with us at Art Journal Journey featuring Bleubeard’s and my theme.

    • Just testing if a reply in this way makes it to you – I can’t comment on MANY of the AJJ blogs without signing in to Google and I am just that stubborn 😀 yet I really want to be able to let people know how much I admire their work, Just like with WOYWW I look at EVERY post so Maybe I can let people know this way?
      I really love your quilt of styles – it’s lovely!

  7. Super cool journal pages – I love them all. Your last one with the bright colors, cool design and interesting words, is very creative and fun. You do such fabulous pages!

  8. Hi Mary Anne, I love your bright and beautiful journal page with the circles, and the great quote. Thanks so much for linking to AJJ, Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

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