Revisiting Knitting Machines

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Another thing I am able to do when I am feeling a little weaker (and I am still up at the hospital, getting that sorted out today) is using my hand-cranked knitting machines. I used them quite a lot for a while, when I was well and truly in knitting mode and the most yseful things I made were Dementia Dolls ans twiddlemuffs, as you can see in the old post here.

I enjoy doing charity knitting whenever I can and an always on the look out for a new pattern. Sometimes I see something and I just have to make it, just to see if I can and this was one of those things. I had seen a video pop into my feed for a baby alien doll and it was just so cute but with a lot of elements, it just made me want to give it a go. So I did.

OK, so it has issues for sure. The main one being the head in general. I didn’t have the right weight yarn (really needs to be Aran/Worsted weight) nor the right type (only Cotton Soft DK weight rather than acrylic) nor enough to make the head a double thickness by folding a solid colour tube in on itself – you can see the oatmeal colour thru the thin green cotton yarn. And the cotton is quite soft so the ears flop a bit. The nose is a hot mess, again, because the soft cotton yarn doesn’t create a firm enough base and by that point I was kinda giving up.

I saw another of the same YouTuber’s patterns that I also had to have a go at, and this one turned out better. I love the idea of a little gnome with hats you can change with the seasons. It would be a cut craft fair item and on the 22 pin knitting machine takes literally a half hour to make:

This one is actually weighted at the bottom with US pennies! I had a bin of them in my craft room and no beans till The Hubster did some shopping LOL! But I think he is supper cute and will def. make more if Hipp!!Bones does a fundraising tabletop-sale or something like that. He needs a pompom on the top of his hat but he can keep me company near my desk till I make one.

WOYWW tomorrow and surely quite a boring post, unless I can think of a way to jazz it up since my desk has been quite neglected since Friday…

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