WOYWW 659 – old supplies with a new technique


Hello WOYWWers! I am still enthralled with neurographic art and still exploring the technique. I dragged out some old supplies, coloured pencils, and am in the process of giving that a go. My desk is quite the mess, as I lost yesterday to the hospital visit. More on that later. This is what you are here for:

I have never been very good with coloured pencils. I am seeing I haven’t miraculously improved with time (but no practice) and I think at this point I am not likely too. I just find the whole process quite tedious. I’ll share this when it’s done, but I can’t say I’m feeling the joy in creating. Hats off to true pencil wizards. But, yeah…Nope. Not for me.

I also played about with some Stabilo pens (ball point pens but seemingly permanent ink) and that was interesting too! Actually the top larger one was a different set of pens and that one was NOT waterproof as the colour bleeding was all from the pens. Still quite mesmerized by the circles.

My other desk is kinda clean, as I was tidying up in advance of trying some gel printing techniques but never got around to them. All that is there is the If you HAD to ... cards. I should clarify something. The game is played by each person playing a card and then justifying why their one is the WORST choice, not by picking the better of the two. I tend to try to figure out which one I could live with, but more often than not both of them suck!

I could maybe live with #163, because it is pretty rare for me to watch TV that has any kind of advert on it, and we have YouTube Premium so no ads there. I rarely read magazine anymore so I don’t see ads there, but the rest of the internet might be tough to avoid. In MY current physical state as a running back I expect I’d last one play then be in hospital for the rest of the season – or sit on the bench all season so maybe I would survive that. So yeah, either one might be OK-ish.

And on that hospital note…I will be off to the hospital for another 4-day round of IVIG. Feeling optimistic as my rheumatologist seems to be thinking that we will settle in to an every 6-months schedule AND reduce my steroids, but v e r y s l o w l y. Yippee

11 thoughts on “WOYWW 659 – old supplies with a new technique

  1. I’m loving your circle drawings. The colours are gorgeous. Like you, I’m not sold on pencil colouring. Good news about the slow withdrawal from steroids. Having asthma I have, at times, had to take steroids and, although I see it as a necessity, I’m always glad when they are done. I hope all went well at the hospital. Have a good week. Elizabeth x#26

  2. I love the circle drawings! How fun!
    Glad you’re getting off the steroids. Hope it all goes well!
    Have a great week!
    Carol N #20

  3. Glad to hear about the IVIG and the thinking….S l o w is maybe a bit frustrating but works better! In your previous post, am liking the masked circles and the Neuro doodling…made me smile when you said that the first one felt a bit out of control….that may well be the point, or have I missed it? a I like the rounded joins idea and I admire your pencil work. I don’t do pencils very often at all, same reasons prolly…also, they’re a bit slow!! Looks great on the printed page.

  4. Happy WOYWW and good news re. your treatment. I have never heard of Neurographics, but definitely loving it. My 3 year old grandson does something similar with his crayons! I would definitely choose the TV ads shopping. I don’t mind the Niche Research for KDP too much, but I don’t do a lot. I have so many ideas for books written down, and if I can produce something that I like and would buy, then I will go ahead and get it published. Been chatting to a few of the really successful KDP’ers, and they said to just get used to the whole system and improve your design skills, get lots of books published in your first year as practice and the sales will come. My Diamond Painting Log Book is going to be fab, so I am happy to spend some extra time on it (it is not just a basic log book). Ali x #24

  5. HI Mary Anne! I love the circles, like big bubbles have popped onto your paper! We used to make paper by blowing bubbles from food coloring and water, then lay the paper on top, all the bubbles popping on the paper. Very similar, but yours are more colourful! Hope your hospital visits are going well. Have a great week, Lindart #23

  6. Well, that’s good news from the consultant – woohoo – let’s hope that the new schedule will settle and keep you on the straight and narrow! Love the neurotrophic art a lot, my sort of thing, especially the one on the book page, gorgeous!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  7. Really enjoying your art – I wonder who named it? I have to agree with you about colouring pencils, I do find them a tad tedious, but I do like watercolour ones. Have a great week Angela #10

  8. Hi Mary-Anne, your circles are a nice play with colours. Watercolour brushes might be fun for that.
    I really hope your current treatment gets you off the steroids soon. I had them for my lungs and have osteoporosis as a result. They compromise your immunity to infection too.
    No, there’s no way I could play a sport right now so it would have to be the shopping spree. Oh dear! In the UK, tv ads are very different depending on the time of day. Afternoon tv is all recliners and funeral plans, while late night tv might be more blokey stuff. We record programmes so we can skip the ads
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 12

  9. This technique seems to have really kicked off and you’ve done some great pieces. I will pop back later for a better look at what you’ve been up to with it. Good luck with the appointment . Have a good woyww, Angela x?x

  10. since you started the neurographic art play I’ve seen it everywhere! not tried it yet… hope the hospital trip goes ok and yay for the new treatment regime if it happens. take care, happy WOYWW Helen #?

  11. Love the printed page background Mary Anne so worth persevering with the watercolour pencils. I can see why you are hooked on this style of art. Good luck with the appointment. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

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