Neurographic Circles


I have been finding that I love the circle part of the neurographic art best of all. I had the idea to throw the therapy part and the neurolines out the window and focus JUST on the circle part. I also was finding that making the nexus quite fine, and not thickening the lines up a lot, gave me something I preferred.

I also liked breaking up some of the odd shapes and making them more circular added a lot more interest. Better to see in this sample:

I was thinking I might use a different method for colouring and as Keren used watercolour markers for her original I decided to use those. I have a set of Chromatek markers with lots of choices

Note the website – the tutorials are quite handy and well worth a look. I was trying to make it so that when two circles overlapped the colour would be a blend of the two. I went a bit wrong with the blob of pink in the middle LOL! I also went a bit mad with the dotting, although I do like it overall.

Now I have another experiment to try and we’ll see if that comes to anything useful or not. I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow and then (fingers crossed) a treatment next week. I’m feeling weaker every day and a bit wobbly with it so sitting at my desk and drawing like this is one thing I can do for sure. Nice to have a fall-back plan IYKWIM.

4 thoughts on “Neurographic Circles

  1. I’m not very familiar with this style of art but it is very cool looking- in both black and white, and with color!

  2. Of all the ones I have seen lately I like yours the best. I go dot crazy and I love all the itty bitty dots that you used that add, but don’t detract from the overall art.

  3. Yes! This was very interesting and helpful. I wasn’t familiar with neurographic art until I read your first article. When I woke during the middle of the night, I drew three different ones. It was so soothing and satisfying! I used colored pencils (my favorite medium) and can’t wait to make more—with dots! Thank you.

  4. loving these circles! they look great with the dots too. Hope the trip to the hospital goes ok and you get the treatment you need. take care.

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