My first Neurographic art finished


Well that was bags of fun. I mentioned watching a video by Keren Tamir about Neurographic art, and after watching it had to have a go. She explains a complex process and theory pretty well in a lot fewer words and in a lot less time than the other people who popped up – and in English, which for me is a big help. Just looking at images on Google shows the huge possibilities of the work. While I am not 100% into the whole therapy part, I will say that much like Zentangling, the meditative aspect appeals. The big difference is that with Zentangling I always felt more pressure for the work to look good at the end. And I am not sure if the neurographic process just looks better no matter how you do it or if I am better at it, but I don’t get that sense of disappointment at the end.

I looked at the final piece from yesterday and as the white paint pens were on my desk from the AJ page, I decided I’d tart it up. To begin with, it was looking a whole lot like what my Mom taught me to do as a child in the 60s – scribble drawings. Colouring books were expensive, but my brother and I could cover plain white paper with black scribbles and colour in the loops all day long for pennies.

I did a big dot on each nexus then used a variety of pens to vary the dot size and ended up with:


Also quite a meditative process! I did a second one and used only my Stabilo All pencil to colour in the loops in shades of grey.

Really liked that on a lot. I ended up using some copper acrylic ink and a dotting tool (from my darling daughter’s nail art supply) for something a bit different:

That one looks very cool as the light catches it. So I had a bit of an idea as a way to test out a few more extra additions that may or may not result in something use-able. More on that tomorrow. But I can see me playing with this for a while as it is very relaxing and quite focused. Plus it uses only a few supplies at the beginning so maybe easier that knitting if I end up having a 4-day IVIG session in a few weeks.

3 thoughts on “My first Neurographic art finished

  1. Just love the coloured ones but the copper really jumps out at you.. I used to do this as a teenager (many moons ago) but to me it was just doodling,, now it’s classed as art, who’d have thought it eh?

  2. I liked the one you showed Wednesday and these today. I have just seen a video where the lady did neurographic art on gel prints. Quite a different effect to yours which are fresh and colourful.

  3. I really like the monochrome. Copper and grey…. Who would have thought….

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