NOT crafting. Those with an aversion to dirt look away now!


You have been warned.

I have had the same keyboard for 22 years. Some of the keys are a bit worn down so it’s hard to read the letters on them. When I was scrapbooking and my working space included the keyboard drawer in front of my computer, I had a bad habit of dropping things on to the keyboard that would then drift down under the keys. I had more than one mishap – remember this?

Yeah. Stuff like that. So I mentioned that The Hubster upgraded my machine recently. Usually he only sits at my desk when making a back-up, so his exposure to my keyboard was always pretty minimal and infrequent. He said to me, “Your keyboard is borderline unusable. When was the last time you cleaned it?” to which I replied, “Never.” Oh, I turned it upside down every so often to shake out something or when the keys seemed particularly sticky, but otherwise, no. He presented me with a can of air, a small hand-held hoover, and left me to it.

Brace yourselves.


I grabbed a sheet of A4 paper to catch the dust, couple of different paintbrushes and an embossing stylus and baby wipes and began to tedious key by key process of

  • removing each key
  • wiping it down with a baby wipe
  • brushing out the dust and other debris from under the keys
  • removing the packed wad of dust under the peg that holds the key to the keyboard, and getting as much out from under the clear frame (without a tiny torx tip) as I could
  • replacing the key in the right place

Last warning…. Before shot

and after a solid 90 minutes of dusting and wiping

OMFG! I worked my way across the keys and in the end…

Really. There is still time to bail….

Yep. ALL of that (and in fact actually slightly more, as some was blown away by the canned air and some was sucked up by the tiny hoover) was under the keys in my keyboard. Check out the tiny punched star.

Any dust and debris still in there is only that which is trapped between the clear surround and the base of the keyboard and doe not affect the working of the keys in any way, and it pretty minimal. Not sure it is worth buying the right minuscule torx tip and risking detaching some wire that will make the whole keyboard unusable. Already the problems I once had where my space key would get stuck and type rows of blank spaces, or of me tapping a key and a letter not appearing, is gone. It doesn’t cure my misspellings or bad typing, but it helps a bit.

WOYWW tomorrow, and whatever it ends up being, it is going to be less of a mess than this was.

Back to stuff you want to look at tomorrow…..

3 thoughts on “NOT crafting. Those with an aversion to dirt look away now!

  1. Wow thats a LOT of dust!! I have a pressurised air can too that i use but have to admit i have never taken the keys off!!! May have to follow your lead seeing this!! Nice clear instructions too, thanks.

  2. It reminds me of cleaning my DISH TV remote about a year ago- the much-used cancel button was malfunctioning, but I didn’t want to toss it. They sent me a new remote sometime earlier, but I liked the old one better. Watched a few YouTube videos & decided maybe cleaning it would help the contacts. When I pried open the very snug case, I couldn’t believe the dog hair & debris that was inside! It was good as new once clean. I can see open keyboards collecting stuff, but I’m still scratching my head over the remote.

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