Yet another face page – too much fun!


After the better part of a year where I barely touched my art journal, now I can’t stop the ideas coming from the AJJ prompt. Flipping back thru my small journal, there are actually more pages with faces on them than not! Clearly this is something I am drawn to anyway so the prompt is an easy one.

I had to go back to something a little different then, something that I expect not too many other peope have done, and that is using my custom. stencil of my face on the page. I have done this before – I have a stencil, a stamp I carved, and the folded book I have shared. But it has been a while so I thought Why not?

It needed something more so I added some printed washi tape and a couple of word strips as well as a bit of copper paint thru a number stencil that I ended up outlining to make it stand out a bit more.

And then I spied the little stamp I made for my ATC mailings and decided to add that. I wish I had a less chaotic area that it fit in but hey ho… I really only wanted to add the No Cash Value part and I got that part actually spot on, it’s just not as readable as I would have liked.

Funnily enough, the page right before this one is one of my favourite faces page so I thought I would pop that in as well, although it isn’t technically for the challenge as I made it a while ago!

OK, now I really do need to move on to another challenge!

7 thoughts on “Yet another face page – too much fun!

  1. I’m not sure you will eve see this comment, since I can’t remember if you use comment moderation or not. One thing I DO remember is when you created that stencil of your face. It means I’ve been around the internet and WOYWW a long time, which is where I’m sure I first saw you share it. It is actually perfect for Erika’s theme, so this delights me and it even prompted my memory. I really like that you used the number stencil, too. You are SO talented, Mary Ann. I even like the pages you didn’t claim for the challenge, even though they fit Erika’s theme perfectly. I’m off to see what else I’ve missed.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so impressed you have a stencil and a stamp of yourself. Very fun. I like your ATC stamp too. GREAT page and great page you did before as well. Fab post.

  3. Fantastic pages, the face stencil looks super. Thank you for linking to Erika’s theme at AJJ.

  4. I love these pages Mary Ann!

  5. I do hope that we will see more faces this month – I really love the additions to your stenciled face and the words that you used. Thanks for sharing at AJJ. Those joined faces look great too. Chrisx

  6. It must feel great to get back to journaling. I don’t journal for a week or two and I am so happy to get back to it. It’s addicting. I think your face stencil is great and it is good to see what you look like. And you have some super details on the page too. And I also love your double spread with all those faces. You have some cool colors and I love the grunge look so your page is amazing. Thanks so much for joining us at AJJ and hopefully you’re journaling fun continues. Hugs-Erika

  7. Like the ‘art cards’ stamp-diffenitely one the have!

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