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All a bit unsettled around here at the moment. My myositis is now not in a good place, after about 7 months of feeling pretty decent after my last round of IVIG. Not unexpected, it is never going to “cure” me, it’s only a treatment to keep things at bay. But over the last month my CK levels jumped almost 400 points and I am feeling weaker and weaker. Bah!

Both my parents and my brother contracted Covid. My dad tested positive after going in to the hospital after a fall. My mother is at home, treating the symptoms (sore throat, congestion and tiredness mostly) and hopefully they will both be doing better each day.

They are all doing ok at the moment, and my brother seems to have gotten over it in about 3 days. Luckily it seems to be omicron not delta so that’s good news

I have had my old Mac mini updated to a quite modern OS, but not the newest, so I can still run some programs. The one thing that totally broke was Sure Cuts A Lot with my ancient (1st Gen) Cricut. The Hubster sorted that by adding a way for me to switch my right monitor input and by running the OLD Mac Mini on the right monitor.

Hard to see what’s happening, I’m sure, but the wallpaper on the monitors is the clue! The bigger issue is the 2nd mouse and especially the keyboard, which is Japanese.

It’s a little confusing as stuff isn’t where you expect it to be, or missing (like no right hand SHIFT key) but it works and the Cricut cuts. Sadly, I needed to change the blade so my test cut didn’t cut all the way thru. No sample, but it does work.

I am not doing a ton of cutting to be fair, so buying an expensive new machine (and probably a HUGE one) makes no sense. Perhaps things might change over the next year, but they might not.

So yeah, not a fabulous post for the first one of 2022 but hey ho. Hope your New Year’s celebrations were good and 2022 becomes the year we finally turn a corner with Covid.

We can only hope…

One thought on “Nothing to see here….

  1. Sorry to hear both you and your parents are not well. Wishing you all a speedy recovery.

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