WOYWW 656- but still a calendar one sheet!


Happy nearly-2022 WOYWW to all. An obligatory desk shot, but as I am working on a different desk it’s very boring, I’m sure. Sorry about that.

The other desk is not so much a desk as a deskTOP.

The Hubster listened to me moan and complain for months about my fear of losing the program that I love when I eventually have to give up my 2009 Mac Mini running (wait for it) el Capitan! Word is that the newest OS breaks my program. My clever hubby hunted thru his old Mac Mini stash to find the best one and gave me the gift of upgrading it to Catalina (and making it work) for Christmas. It took days. It is a slight struggle, like any change is, but overall it’s fab. The only thing that totally broke is the Cricut running SCAL (also from 2009 LOL!) but the old mini will get hooked up to the Cricut so I can carry on using that when I need to. I don’t feel like I need a new cutter, so I’ll be happy with that.

One other gift to share is a tee shirt from my darling daughter. She knows what I like LOL!

To make up for my boring desk, I have an unusual landscape version of my 2023 one-sheet calendars for you. Hope you will find it useful!

And normal WOYWW will likely resume next week, although I am toying with the idea to take a week off. Actually, I’m toying with a few things for 2022 but so far nothing is settled….yet.

Happy New Year, if I don’t see you again before the next WOYWW!

20 thoughts on “WOYWW 656- but still a calendar one sheet!

  1. I love the tee shirt. The calendars are gorgeous of course.

  2. Good idea to find a cure for stupid people – er who is going decide on who is stupid? Or is that a stupid question 🤣
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year Angela #15

  3. Love the T shirt, although I’d probably be one of the studid people they have to cure! Glad you got your programme to work, I still have stuff I hope I can get to whan I have time to send it over to the new one… with is a whole year old this week… what have I been doing with all that time!? Hoping 2022 is even more exciting than 2021, Happy very late WOYWW. Stay safe and have a very happy new year! ((Lyn))#25

  4. Thanks for the calendar!
    Happy New Year!
    Susan #8

  5. I always wonder why can’t there be a thumb drive or something to adapt your upgraded computer to a non upgraded cricut or what ever you uses to use. I know that just want to make money. But gee we can’t all afford that. Have fun!! I’m trying to decide if I want to upgrade to Windows 11. I’m worried everything won’t work.

  6. What a fun shirt! I have a coffee mug that says “I see stupid people”, Great calendar!
    Happy New Year!
    Carol N #20

  7. WOW techy overload, lost the plot somewhat, hope it all gets sorted though. Happy New Year BJ#17

  8. Your daughter has an interesting sense of humour but she’s probably right. Look forward to seeing what you get up to next year too. Happy crafty woyww and hoping for a better New year. Hugs, Angela x9x

  9. Well, I was just thinking about my Cameo bought 10 years ago. I haven’t used it in a while and I don’t even now how to hook it up any more. And it was so expensive at the time. Tech items are not a very good investment, but we have to keep up with the times. Fun t-shirt and calendar! Wishing you a happy 2022! xx zsuzsa #21

  10. What a super Tee Shirt . . very clever daughter there.
    Happy New Year to you all
    Love the latest Calendar – I usually go with ATCs For All printouts but this will do nicely, thank you!
    Take care and stay safe
    Christine #19

  11. Love the T shirt! If only! Happy New Year to you and yours. Anne x 18

  12. Happy WOYWW. Glad to hear that your friend liked my notebook. I did my first giveaway just before Christmas – 2 of my notebooks and a book about guinea pig care written by a friend – and the winner loved them. I started Rachel Harrison-Sund’s course just before Christmas and learnt a lot already – she goes into detail that I haven’t found on YouTube. Will be getting a ‘low content planner’ designed and published in January. The next step up from simple notebooks! Loving that t-shirt. There are so many stupid people around. Happy New Year. Ali x #14

  13. Love your tidy desk, there is so much to see.
    Glad the hubby got your through your problems with his gift and now you can have a great time isn’t it good to have someone who talks computers to help out
    Great t shirt by the way
    Happy New Year Hugs, Neet 8 xx

  14. Hi Mary Anne, I’m glad your hubby found a solution to your IT issues – I leave most of my IT stuff to my hubby too! Great tee-shirt- I think the world is a long way from finding that cure though! Lol. Heck, I’ve just had 6 months break – you do whatever is right for you. Have a great New Year, take care, Heather xx #10

  15. Ha, that t shirt made me hoot!! Great prezzy room your gal there, she’s definitely a chip off the old block! Well done your hustler for finding a fix for your Mac woes, we ran Windows7 until the last possible moment and the transition wasn’t pretty. I think G is keeping my copy of Corel printhouse going by black magic, lol!!!
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  16. Well, I like that your toying with a few ideas for next year, I have to say that so far all I’ve toyed with is my selfish desire for a holiday!! Your desk isn’t boring, even clean and tidy it’s worth a browse. What’s the story with the duck? Your hubby is a marvellous man isn’t he, his tech knowledge is incredible….that second paragraph about Mini apple or something…you might be speaking in tongues for all I understood! Meanwhile, the t shirt is wonderful, seems to have struck a chord with Deskers, huh! HNY.xx

    • LOL! The duck is actually a tape dispenser. We had ducks dressed as a Bride & Groom o our wedding cake and people assumed we were massive duck fans. Not so, I just liked them better than those wretched little no-mouth dolls that were all the rage in the 80s. But we have amassed quite a collection of ducks over the years because people do remember and it makes gift-giving easy. My in-laws have the dame deal with chickens because FILs old-timey bluegrass band had an album called Chickens in the Yard and people assume they love chickens! Be careful what you imply – you could end up with a collection, intentional or not… 😀

  17. The t-shirt is fab! I wish you a happy and healthy and new year – I hope we are going to continue seeing you and your desks but understand if you need a break. Take care. Helen #1

  18. That is a cracking t-shirt, well done DD!!

  19. Oh I so love that T-shirt Mary Anne. Glad you have found a way round the programm you use so often. If you feel like taking a week off from WOYWW why not? You have given us a head’s up so we won’t worry, but we would miss you if you were gone for too long. Hope 2022 is a better year all round for everyone. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

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