Cards from tags


I really liked the tags I shared this year, and wanted a large number of easy cards, using minimal supplies. I thought they could be just the thing and they were!

From a single sheet of 12×12 paper (cut to give me four 4.5×3.75 rectangles, four 4.5×4.5 squares and one 3 x 2.75 rectangle) and a single print of the tags PDF I made nine cards. I added a handful of bits from my Christmas bin but nothing special.

The tags were cute enough to provide a nice focal point, and I thought they looked good even just plunked on top of a square of paper like so:

but just adding some little extras like fun foam to pop bits up from the surface, little bits of ribbon or small punched elements, and a bit of red ink to add some depth, they became a bit more like finished cards and didn’t really take that much time at all:

I didn’t have as many of the square card bases as I thought, but I found these two kraft ones that worked great:

I am not sure how many more I need, but if I do, it’s good to know that I can whip a bundle up in a flash.


4 thoughts on “Cards from tags

  1. Love them all !!!!

  2. Definitely a result!!!
    Love the cards, excellent for batch making.
    Well done you and thanks for sharing.

  3. A great way to make beautiful cards – I am tempted to have a go myself! xx Jo

  4. Really love the idea of using tags on cards too.

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