WOYWW 653 – still with the cards


Happy WOYWW all! Nearly the end of another year. Jeez. Where does the time go?

I am still deep into the cards, with only a few left to make to complete the list (plus a few extras) – I wish there was a WOYWW address list that we could request. I know I had some addresses when we lived back in Basingstoke, but once we moved to Dorset, they seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Maybe we can organize that for next year….

My desk was once again in a proper state (as of Tuesday early in the AM)

and the bad light doesn’t really do it any favours. You can see the tags I shared on Monday and I had a plan for them beyond, well, tags. Hours elapsed and a quick tidy (who am I kidding? also HOURS or tidying) and:

A tidy pile of cards (and the rest are already down on the table with a bunch of stuff that needs to be mailed or hand delivered) and another duplicate! Not my fault this time either – these seemed to be in a scrapbooking kit of some kind and the same template was in both of two different ones.

Cute enough but unopened and unused. {sigh} Maybe I’ll open one up and see what I can make, if I find the time. I’ll share the cards tomorrow.

So then just the If You HAD To… cards:

Hummmm. Tricky. I am not fast enough to run from light-sabre wielding mobsters, nor cute enough to talk my way out of the debt, so gotta pick Vin’s head as a … I’m gonna say table cause no way to eat soup or salad from a head, unless we go to a VERY dark place….

Happy Holiday-month WOYWW!

14 thoughts on “WOYWW 653 – still with the cards

  1. The cluttered desk gives me peace while the tidy one scarrrres me a bit! I have things piled up as Grandkiddies have been in here today, (as well as dogs) I’ve been printing out loads of my digis to colour and they kept them quiet for well over two hours! Stay Safe, keep crafting. Happy very late WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#13

  2. I love the cards you posted today (Thursday)! Very cute and what a great idea! (I may steal it). Beautifully tidy desk, just waiting to be untidy again! Thanks for your visit, Lindart #19

  3. Where did you live in Basingstoke? We lived in Basingstoke before we moved to Wales. A WOYWW address list is a brilliant idea. Happy WOYWW Angela #15

  4. Brilliant desk today, full of interesting stuff! then suddenly it’s all gone! as if by magic, wish I could manage that Lol! Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x10x

  5. It would have to be Vin Diesel but how much he’d like me using his head for a table. I had to tidy up this morning too after the mess I’d made from scrapping. It’s the nature of the beast! I look forward to seeing how the template turns out. Have a good week. Elizabeth x #16

  6. Check through who you have swapped ATC’s with in the past, that’s how I get addresses of folks. Otherwise just email those you want. I could let you have myk list but not sure if I would be breaking some rules or what.
    Gosh that was a quick and successful tidy up session you had. The two desk shots are so different.
    Spitting my dummy out today – I don’t want either card thank you – not sure I could escape a light sabre and someone’s head, even if he is in films – ugh!
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  7. I have loads of addresses, and although I’m not really thinking of publishing them, I am willing to share with individuals if asked for specific people. There are one or two WOYWWers who have specifically requested that I do not share their surnames, let alone addresses! Meanwhile, geez your desk cleans up so well doesn’t it, although my preference is to see it in use! Like the tree Joy and Noel cards at the back, they’re cute.

  8. Happy WOYWW. I am very proud of myself today. Got my WOYWW post published and commenting on other lovely blogs! I have even started researching for my first ‘low content’ logbook, which is becoming more ‘medium content’. I am really struggling with those two choices. Perhaps the debt one, as I am good at clearing that! Ali x #17

  9. Jan’s right, a WOYWW list would be against GDPR regulations unless every individual agreed to have their details saved and shared.
    Sounds like you’ve been very bury Mary- Anne.
    In debt to the mafia sounds a very bad idea!
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lynnecrafts 11

  10. I managed to collect a few from our crops, yours is not included but if I send you the die to swap (sorry, I forgot all about it, took the photo and then . . .) I will have your address!
    Email you later, honestly.
    Christine #18

  11. An amazing transformation of your work space and I must say the tidy desk is a lot more inviting! I’m going to tidy mine too (again)! Don’t you just hate duplicates – not too bad if they are consumables, but who needs too of the same tool? Especially if you don’t even use the first one LOL! I would really have to go with the second option in your card game – I think it’s safer. Happy #653! xx zsuzsa #14

  12. I have quite a few addresses, email me with who you need and I’ll see if I can help. I think we’d need people’s agreement before issuing lists cos of GDPR but I’, sure it can be done if the spirit is willing! You had a good tidy up session there, very tidy desk..I liked the tags you did on MOnday!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  13. I reckon using Vin Diesel’s head as a plate would help me with my diet Mary Anne. Good luck with the rest of the Christmas prep. I shall be donating to charity rather than sending cards this year. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  14. not sure about the choices at all this week… a WOYWW address list sounds a very good idea. Your desk is way too tidy (just jealous of course!) hope to see it messed up soon. Happy WOYWW Helen #1

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