Christmas Card extravaganza!

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I showed a pile of bits from a card kit I bought probably 10 years ago from one of the shopping channels. I always meant to have a play with then every Christmas since I bought them and never managed it.

There is a LOT of stuff in the kit. And it seems like even more when it is spread out all over the desk LOL!

I looked thru the book and picked out the bits for the cards I really liked and made those first. This is one of my favourites:

I like both versions. And I love the Ho Ho Ho ones as well.

I made one very like this but not from the kit, a long time ago and still think it’s cute:

I am not a fan of this one, but I wanted to see how it came together so I made it. The left is the card closed and inside when you open it, on the right. Sorry for the poor lighting. Winter and all that.

So I have a huge pile of bits still left and many of the remaining cards leave me a bit cold. These two seem to be complicated for the sake of being complicated! And the end result I don’t care for.

These two use a ton of stuff that could be used to make many multiple cards that are much cuter!

And this one is just plain ugly!

So now I will have a look at the bits and maybe marry them with other things in my Christmas bin, and see what I can come up with. Should be interesting!

Heads up for all: I have been working on 2022-2023 calendars. As I have mentioned I am not sure how long my old program can be used. My Mac is from 2009 and at some point I am going to have to give it up. When I do the ease with which I make my calendars might go away as well. So I am working on a handful that I know are always popular and making ahead for 2023. I will be adding them thru December, on Saturdays. They will get collected into the Calendar Making menu at the top and be there well in advance of when they will be needed! Then, if my Mac dies, you will be good for a couple of years.

I haven’t made any holiday gift tags yet, so that may appear at some point soon. Any requests? Drop me a comment!

One thought on “Christmas Card extravaganza!

  1. I agree with your comments on the cards. Love the Joy and Noel ones – do they have a zigzag base? I had to laugh at the ones you said were ugly! I do find that with books and sets of things. There is one or two you like, some are okay and some are “no way”. The tower cars are my most complicated to date and now I have mad4 a few, they are not that complicated 🤣

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