RedBubble – my solution to the mug display problem

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Well, I have been playing around with some designs for RedBubble. I’ve realized it’s the designing, and figuring out how to do what I envision in my head that is the fun part for me. So yeah, my items are a bit all over the place LOL!

Of course I began with my signature design, the one I still love best and the one I began with on Amazon as well:

But then I found some images that I really loved and I wanted to figure out how to use them in interesting ways. Without a doubt, my favourite one is a crazy image of a cat dressed as Brunnhilde! I mean, what’s not to love? And I am very much NOT a cat person, but even I think this one is amazing.

Then I found an amazing image of a bunch of Victorian ladies on a picnic, enjoying a beer. The caption just sprung into my head and I went with it.

I love that you can make your design available on all manner of things, from Tee shirts to mouse pads to clocks! How funny would it be for a bar-hopping Hen Night party to have the shirts customized with the bride-to-be’s name? I love that I can do that if I want.

So I am not a cowgirl either, but when I saw this old romance comic I just could not resist. Not a cat lover, not a cowgirl, not much of a drinker and yet….

I have some other designs. generic birthday ones with various ages on them, but only in basic tee-shirts and stickers and buttons, and mugs.

And that brings me to the next bit, the useful bit. There is a ting going on with RedBubble where the mugs do not display properly in the main view.

You can see that many of the coffee mugs do not show the design in the right place. RedBubble acknowledges this is an issue. But as you can see, some of my mugs DO show the image in the right place. When you upload a design, you can tick a box to select the display angle. No matter what you pick you get the handle on the right view in the main display. So if you place your design so it is facing out (towards the world) as a right-handed drinker, the mug displays as more or less blank. and if you place the image in the “middle” of the mug, so it is across from the handles, you get the sideways slice view. But most people don’t really want the design placed in that way. I came up with a solution that is (to my mind) better in a few ways. I created a template that looks like this:

right click to download the .png!

Now, this works perfectly in my program, but obviously you may need to fiddle with it in YOUR program to get the sizing right. But the idea is to add your image twice, each centred on a red line. Like so:

Delete the placement .png and save the image. Upload it to RedBubble and you have solved two problems: the mug display shows the image, AND you can declare that with two images the image will face outward to the world (as well as inward to the drinker) whether they are a left-handed or right-handed mug holder. Result! I haven’t quite worked out how best to deal with the Life Is so Daily all over design, so for now that is placed across from the handle. Can’t solve ALLLL the problems in a day now can I?

My shop is very, very small, with only this handful of designs, so I figure I have a few days to get all of them sorted and I probably won’t get any traffic anyway so it isn’t a problem to systematically work my way thru them.

At the moment I have one more design that makes me laugh – I have used the phrase It is far too peopley out a few times on ATCs or art journal pages or whatever, and when I saw this Edward Lear image of course that is where my mind went! I also loved Lear’s name of the plant, and it would be rude to leave this one out so I’ll add it:

Sorry that got super long but I was so keen to share. My brain is in over-drive and I have a lot of ideas but little time. Isn’t that always the way……?

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found something interesting and welcome your feedback. If you ask a question, and don't add your email, do either subscribe to replies or check back. I try to answer every question if I can. Cheers!

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