Workdesklandia – a new stamp, and sized to fit.


Scheduled, as surely I am stuffed to the gills with festive foods.

If you recall I mentioned earlier in the week that I had gotten some faux postage stamp dies. They are of various sizes and sadly not quite right for any of the previous Workdesklandia stamps I made previously.

Some were close but some of the dies were joined in such a way that you can’t really cut them apart.

I took the time to go thru a few steps, scanning those frames and making .pngs of them so I could reduce the opacity and see thru them.

That made placing the stamps a lot easier, and allowed me to create a specifically placed grouping for the grouped dies!

Then I just laid them out as a full sheet – probably less than appealing for any non-WOYWW participant but you can download them here if you want.

I had to create a new stamp because one of the trios (which I could cut apart) was a very different size to the other two.

I create the Wen des D’ay Islands by grabbing an .svg of the Hawaiian Islands and breaking the group apart then arranging them in a loose W shape – all playing into the WOYWW theme.

In future I will probably leave the stamp backgrounds a plain white and any colourful background to the overall .pdf will be just surrounding that. But the whole thing was really a bit of fun, and great for WOYWW related Happy Mail, so expect to see them mentioned again on the next WOYWW.

The issue remains, however, that there are dozens of stamp dies, all of different sizes, and there is no way to create something to fit them all. But at least these fit mine, and I’m happy with that.

2 thoughts on “Workdesklandia – a new stamp, and sized to fit.

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  2. Love faux postage and yours are so well done!

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