WOYWW 651 – some mess, some sharing, and an extra to get rid of


Happy WOYWW to everyone hopping over to my desk this week. You are most welcome. My desk, in the last 24 hours, has been in a state of flux. It went from pretty horrific to not awful to WOYWW ready!

I was playing with my faux postage, if you recall, and there will be more on that Friday. The semi-clean version was after the mostly tidy tidy-up but then I had to spread out again to compose my ATC trade bags of goodies. Once I had done that my desk really was neat.

I did get two super cute ATCs in a trade that I will share, cause I do love them so.

Aren’t they fab? They are sharing the second-desk space at the moment with the If You HAD To…. cards and the choice is clear this week.

The Big Orange Cheet-o Man is my least favourite person by a mile and there is no way in hell, no matter how much time elapsed, that I could ever call him “friend” so I guess I’ll be yelling Lights! Camera! Action! a LOT. Oh well.

And finally, when I got my postage stamp dies from Wish, I also got a duplicate of something I ordered in the past. Anyone want to trade one of their own duplicates for it? If not, off it goes to the charity shop…

I’ve not used the original one yet, as I kinda fell off the cardmaking train, and now even if I did make some these aren’t exactly seasonal. They do look quite cute, once you cut them all apart, as they should layer nicely.

The Hubster and Darling Daughter have their booster jabs today, then Thanksgiving tomorrow, so you won’t hear from me again till Friday. I will be overindulging in a feast. Yummy.

Hope you all have a super happy WOYWW day and I hope you will forgive me for adding the link to my DDs disability Synchro team competition. They won gold, with a score that passed even some “normal ability” teams. I can’t embed the video but this is the link where you can watch it. They skate to This Is Me and (fair warning) expect to cry.

15 thoughts on “WOYWW 651 – some mess, some sharing, and an extra to get rid of

  1. Happy thanksgiving! Great ATCs
    Have a good week
    Lynnecrafts 7

  2. Happy thanksgiving! Great ATCs
    Have a good week
    Lynnecrafts 7

  3. How wonderful was the skating teams, absolutely marvellous! I loved those ATCs too, the sentiments were very powerful and quite motivating.
    Hugs LLJ 12 xx

  4. Love your desk shots and the ATCs are fun. The video was wonderful. So emotional. Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#13)

  5. Great ATCs! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Carol N #21

  6. Morning MaryAnne, Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!! Yum, lots of lovely food!! They are great ATCs, totally agree with your feelings about the big Cheet-O. My massage was wonderful, I can move my arm again. Think I’ll be back there a few times… Happy WOYWW, have a great week, stay safe stay well, love n hugs Cindyxx #19

  7. “pretty horrific” and “WOYWW ready” are synonymous in my book! Loving the doggy ATCs – super backgrounds! Happy Thanksgiving! I forgot it’s tomorrow! xx zsuzsa #20

  8. Amazing skating from the team Mary Ann! Fabulous ATC’s. I would chose to be a failing director – failing because everybody keeps their clothes on 🤣. Happy WOYWW Angela #11

  9. I am so in love with the ATCs it’s making me want to get back to making them myself. Desk looking good today and very productive too. Happy Wishing you a good woyww and a very happy Thanks Giving Hugs, Angela x14x

  10. Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow Mary Anne. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #17.

  11. Okay, Mary-Ann, you’ve done it! I’m a blubbering wreck. I held it together until the end when they all signed. That did it for me. My daughter is deaf and signs now, but it was something that the UK education authorities discouraged when she was young, something I’ve always regretted. Love those ATCs. Hope all goes well with the boosters and that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving tomorrow. Happy WOYWW. Elizabeth x #6

    • I know – I think if you know the words to the song, there are so many point that really tug at your heartstrings. The signing got me too, big time, and I blubb every time. Sorry to make you cry but I hope it was in a GOOD way IYKWIM!

  12. OOh M-A, a bit early in the morning to make me teary! How fab were those skaters, I loved it. Although parts of it made me suck in my breath, all that bobbing and weaving. Brilliant! As for your desk, it looks fab in all its stages to me, and I agree the ATCs you received were fab, I would have picked them out for you from a line-up of choices!

  13. I will swap!! I have a duplicate die of my own, I will contact you with photos privately in case you’re interested.
    Love, love those ATCs and the positive sentiments . . . .
    Have a good Thanksgiving and keep the indigestion tablets handy!
    Christine #04

  14. good luck with your directorial debut!! happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow – enjoy. yes, fab atcs Helen #3

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