Warm-up art journal page done!

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So I finished my page. I always begin art journaling again after a long time away in my small Roben-Marie journal. The pages are diddy and I can get that sense of accomplishment without a lot of time and stress. It kinda sets me up for success, iykwim. Plus the base pages are not blank, and some of them are really pretty even as is:

I’ll digress a bit more – some of the other stuff I got with those stamps, was meant to go hand in glove with the faux postage. I think it was Zsuzsa who spoke about all the various postage dies and hiow they never seem to fit the things she needs them for. I get that – look at this array!

Some of them are really close to the size I would need for my own faux postage.

Of course, the best thing is I designed that postage, and I can size them as I please. And I will but, for the purposes of this page I just used one I had cut for a sample. Remember, this page is from stuff hanging about on my desk:

I wanted to sort of commemorate WOYWW so the stamps were a must, but I also used bits from the edging, and the little eye-strips were from my pile of ATC trade-bag fodder pile. Sorry the photo isn’t so great. Like I mentioned before, the time I have at my desk to take photos so often ends up being when the unflattering shadows lay across my desk. Let me see – I moved the journal to the desk by the window and at the time I am writing this the light is good there:

Is it better? I’m not sure. Maybe slightly but if I took the time to adjust the photo digitally it might have been about the same. Oh well.

So what now? More art journal stuff? More ATCs? More KDP?

Too many choices, too little time!!

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