ATCs final steps, custom stamp, and the beginnings of a new series

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Just one of those compilation posts of a few hanging threads, finally all tied up. The first thing is all of the bare-backed ATCs have now had their backs created, printed and stuck. I always save the final signature for just before the ATCs go in the mail. I have them all (all my available ones, cards and coins) to my ATC Cards and Coins menu at the top.

As you can see, I also managed to fir in the no cash value text onto the small stamp for my ATC mailings. I cannot recall where I got the nifty little storage thing that holds all those tiny letters, perfectly organized, but it is so helpful.

I also started fiddling with those backgrounds I had hanging about – just placing the words leftover from the previous play and part of me wonders if nothing more is needed? Or am I just being a bit lazy? I like my ATC series to … mean something, or at least SAY something, and generally I am not one to do the single word slapped on as an afterthought kinda creator. Not that I have never done that, it’s just something I always think of as a crutch. Made a great card? Slap on one of these words to make it seem pithy: art, create, believe, inspire, play. I am much more of a quirky quote person than a single-word person. So these seem at once almost done and nowhere near done!

And finally, I spied my junk journal under a pile of chaos and managed to do a few entries, some hidden.

Skating comp this weekend so you won’t see anything from me till Monday. I feel like I need to re-charge my creative batteries by doing some mindfully mindless craftiness. Not sure what it will be, but my brain is full of too many ideas to focus on anything and I need to figure out how to focus it.

Enjoy YOUR weekend and I hope it is a creative one!

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