This and that – Saturday Play


Well I blew the idea that when my CK levels are high, my back is impervious to clenching up on me. I have been taking painkillers and lounging about since about Tuesday. Can’t tell from my posts because I had a few scheduled. Today I am able to do a bit, but not much as you will see from this post. Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel up to more.

I have been playing with some Lynne Perrella stamps and trying to work out what I want to do with them. The first play was comparing colouring with watercolours and with Copics.

Not a lot in it really, and both bleed outside the lines. Paints left, Copics right.

Then I tried stamping them on some Collage Collective paper. I had an idea but in the end I think I picked the wrong paper, because I think the cut-out words aren’t quite right.

I mean, they’re OK just not striking, or inspiring. I might finish them off, not sure yet. I want to play with stamping them on white card and colouring them then cutting them out. I’ll see how that works. I also wanted to show my version of the pressing device a lot of people use on stamping platforms to get good even pressure all over it. Mine is not as swish as some, no big doorknob or drawer pull on the top, just a simple block wth a furniture pad on it. But it cost me nothing, since I had both of those things hanging about.

Took me a total of 5 minutes to find the bits and assemble. And it works perfectly. I think the bit of the Grand Calibur embossing mat that I cut and stuck on my (cheap) stamp platform helps a LOT. I suspect sticky back fun foam would do similar.

That is a single pressing, not a double one. Not bad at all.

We’ll see what all of this play turns in to. Maybe nothing, maybe something. I’ll share if it’s something …

6 thoughts on “This and that – Saturday Play

  1. The pressing block idea is brilliant. I will be making one today. Thanks for always sharing your inspiration and experimentation.

  2. What are the stamps you used? At the bottom of the post.

  3. Very nice!! But what are the name of the stamps and the bottom of the article.

    • The stamps are from Paper Artsy by Lynne Perrella and the sets are numbers LPC049 and 50
      I got them from as they are a bit old and not at any of my usual places. I would have ordered them direct from Paper Artsy if I had wanted to spend £150 LOL! Lynne used to run a stamp company back in the …90s? called Acey Deucy and I have been a fan since then. They seem to be easier to find in the USA but the import costs would have far outweighed the savings!

  4. Hope you’re feeling a better now, always takes ages for pain meds to hit in.
    I love the idea for the stamp presser….. I had been looking at some but couldn’t justify the expense. Thank you for sharing

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