Faux postage for my WOYWW pals


So my idea, as mentioned yesterday, was to make some faux postage, and I decided that WOYWW was a good theme. I had seen an old ad in a very old magazine for Posto Bizarro stamps from Clearsnap. I never bought them but always loved them (all of the sets of the Posto range were great) and the combination of seeing that ad and seeing the Nick Bantock books birthed the obsession. And when that happens I tend to just push on till I get the thing made.

As usual, it began very differently to where it ended up. I had those stamp stamps I showed yesterday, and found another, one that is a true faux mail-art stamp. I was able to carefully cut just the postage stamp edging off the stamps and leave myself with just the frame, to fill as I liked. That worked absolutely fine, and as I’ve not used the stamps in 25 years (more, probably) it seems unlikely I will miss having them as a unit. But given they were not trimmed at all, just putting the stamp inside the frame and stamping will make them pretty much exactly the same as they were, if I need them to be that way.

I messed about lot with trying to stamp the focal point image, mask it off, do the background, add the typed words….what a pfaff! And I wasn’t super keen on the result anyway. I kinda discarded the stamped frame idea, because some of the images I actually wanted to use were too big to fit. That took me in a more digital direction. I stamped the images, then coloured them and scanned them

then assembled the stamps digitally. I thought I might then stamp the postage edge frame around a printed version of the stamp but then I found a couple of .pngs online. One I was able to use as is, by slightly adjusting the stamp I made, while the other took a bit of work to get it to the right proportions. I love them.

Three stamps from the imaginary island of Workdesklandia, one of the Wen des D’ay Islands. The W symbol denotes the currency of the land, the Wen.

I’ll have to add them back next week for the on-the-day WOYWW folk but they will be a little treat for the latecomers – I’ve been late more than on-time the last couple of months so that feels about right. The PDF has ones with the postage edge frame and ones without. If you look at the photo of the ones I printed and cut, you can see the postage-edged scissors I have don’t quite match. I thought it best to offer options. The 2-page PDF is here! The original was like 65mb, cause the scans had to be pretty high quality (600dpi) to look good, and with so many copies on a page, well, it was just a massive file. I’ve reduces the size slightly, hopefully without decreasing the quality!

WOYWWers, I hope you enjoy using them on mail to fellow desk-hoppers. For anyone else, if you grab them, and use them, do let me know how. I’ll be very curious to see.

5 thoughts on “Faux postage for my WOYWW pals

  1. Love your faux stamps, I saw someone do this on Youtube, might have been Niamh Baly? Sent me down a great big rabbithole lol.
    Happy belated WOYWW! October was a busy month, still catching up. Elle #6 this week

  2. You are so clever ! I’m glad you haven’t lost the will to live lately : ) I love your sense of humor too !

  3. Fabulous stampy stamps!

  4. Well that is very clever and creative. Well done, what a brilliant idea.
    I do love what folk come up with on woyww don’t you
    Lynn x 14

  5. Brilliant! Love them. On phone, so will be back later!

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