WOYWW 647 – a persistent idea


Happy WOYWW to all. I think I can say with a great degree of certainty I did not catch Covid from my knitting mate. And I hope that her recover will continue today as it has so far. She is my best mate and I have been quite worried about her. I will begin with what you came here for, my desk:

I was doing a bit f a tidy up on one set of bookshelves and came across my Nick Bantock books. That made me think of faux postage. Which made me spend far too much time hinting on my studio space for the Hair Mail aux postage I made years ago. And then I had the dawning realization that I think I binned it, as it had been more than a decade since I even thought about them and found them during the Grand Tidy. That made me obsessed with the idea of making a set, perhaps as I am sending out so much mail with the ATC trading. I’ll do a fuller post on this tomorrow but the process will end up a mix of hand made bits and the scanner and some digital bits. On my other desk (much cleaner) I have a variety of stamp images that may (or may not) factor in to the project:

As it is half-term, darling daughter is extending her birthday into the week and has outlined a busy movie-watching schedule thru Friday. So not much more than this to say today. Unlike last week, I did manage to remember to grab the If You HAD to… cards. Again a clear winner, I think.

Given how worried my poor friend was that she might have given me Covid, and how worried I was about the very small get-together (only three people, all tested, all vaxxed) we had, I can say having Paris Hilton narrate my life would be amazingly annoying but a far better choice!

Happy WOYWW!

17 thoughts on “WOYWW 647 – a persistent idea

  1. Oops just commented on the wrong post lol. Yes I think Niamh Baly referenced the same book when she was doing her faux postage. It made me thing up all kinds of things to do it the spare time I don’t have, glad you are actually making some lol. Happy belated WOYWW! October was a busy month, still catching up. Elle #6 this week

  2. Hope your knitting buddy recovers form Covid soon, and agree Paris Hilton would be annoying but the better choice of the two! Loving your stamp ideas etc and just caught up on your blog posts and brilliant idea for your material ATC of using an ATC cutout template frame to be able to visualise what the fabric placements would look like, not thought of this very easy hack-so thanks, next time I make some I am SO using that idea.

    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  3. Hi Mary Anne, sorry to be so late. Hope your friend recovers quickly from Covid. She was unfortunate to go down with it when she is double vaccinated. We are living through uncertain times. I had my booster yesterday, along with the flu injection, and today I have two very sore arms, a headache and don’t feel at all well but if it stops me getting a second bout of Covid, I’ll be more than pleased. Your idea for WOYWW stamp stamps sounds but isn’t it just like the thing to have tossed what you spent so much time hunting for. I’ve done that too during my periodic clear outs but figure I’ll just have to live with decisions made – they seemed right at the time. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #23

  4. Oh WOWZAH Mary Anne… I am late with my visit so I was able to see (and download!) your faux stamps sheet…. they are really beautiful thank you!!! And it made me think I could design my own ‘faux stamps’ to send with my newsletter as a present to my followers so I might spend the day designing… oh girl, you made the day/weekend even more busy 😉 Hope your weekend is wonderful! Love from Holland, Marit #19

  5. HI Mary Anne, I also love sauerkraut, and would have had some, but they put FLOUR in their sauerkraut! Have you ever heard of such a thing! So I couldn’t have it 😦 Thanks for your visit! Lindart

  6. Do hope your friend will be better soon…
    I think there is little to choose between the two cards! (HeHe)
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #17
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  7. How scary that your friend got Covid, even though vaccinated. We still need to be so careful. Glad she’s recovering, and hopefully it won’t have affected her much due to her vaccine, and glad that you didn’t get it as well. Our local school around the corner just announced a Covid outbreak, too close to home, and with Hallowe’en on Sunday – we may need to change our plans! Your story of Nick Bantock reminded me of a favourite story If You Give A Mouse A Cookie! I have those two Hero Arts stamps that you have! Have fun with your postage project, looking forward to seeing it! Have a great week, Lindart #22

  8. Both grandkiddies are self isolating, one test said they had it and another just hours later said they didn’t. Paris Hilton…she’d take one look at my crafty mess (maimly the whole house) and run! Have a great week.Stay safe, Happy WOYWW #((Lyn)) #20

  9. So pleased you didn’t catch the nasty covid and hope your friend is feeling better soon. Don’t mention throwing stuff out, I’ve done it and regretted it and that’s making it difficult for me at the moment as I really need a clear out! I’ll pop back tomorrow to see what you’re up to. Hope you two have a lovely day crafting. Happy creative woyww, Angela x15x

  10. Don’t even get me started on faux postage stamp obsession, Mary Anne! Although mine’s focused on getting the right dies, so you have the right edges – I’ve been looking at Tim’s Stamp Collector rubber stamps for ages – they should come with the right size dies though! No easy fix there and it’s been driving me crazy – I have several postage stamp dies now all different shapes and sizes and one of these days I’m gonna figure out how to make authentic looking faux stamps – I love those image stamps you have! I’m guessing they don’t sell those any more. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone released a similar set with matching dies – I would buy it in an instant, wouldn’t think twice about it, no matter how much it costs! Well, within reason. Lucky you didn’t get Covid and hope your friend recovers quickly – imagine how ill she would have been without the vaccine! We had a little scare here as well – my husband sat next to someone in a meeting who tested positive a day later, but thankfully, he didn’t get it. Enjoy half-term – I used to dread school holidays when my son was younger and I had to arrange child care for him and now it’s just bliss! Have a lovely time with your daughter xx zsuzsa #18

  11. Hope your friend recovers quickly Mary Anne. It’s always the way – throw something out because you never use it and suddenly you have a use for it! Happy WOYWW Angela #9

  12. Paris would get bored after a couple of hours narration for me, so that’s the option I’d pick, the other is just a bit too close for comfort especially regarding what happened with your friend, I really hope she’s ok. It’s just so close everywhere, we can’t afford to let our guard down yet. The stamp images are great fun, hunting through your stash must have revealed a few more forgotten treasures!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  13. Hi Mary Anne. Mmm. Couples counselling for cats? That’s mine, no, I m the boss….😀
    Love your faux postage. Enjoy your daughter’s extended birthday.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 12

  14. Nick Bantock – that’s a blast from the past. I remember his inks but that’s about all. Don’t suppose i still have them – in tins weren’t they?
    Hope your knitting friend soon gets over this Covid, a stark reminder that even double vacc’d peeps can still get it but at least it’s not supposed to be as bad.
    Stay well,
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  15. So sorry to hear about your friend Mary Anne. I hope she recovers fully soon and glad you escaped. Those postage stamp stamps look fun. Stay safe and Happy WOWYW. Sarah #5

  16. I think Paris Hilton would pass at the mundanity (not sure that is even a word lol) of narrating my life too but its the better option yes! Hope your knitting mate recovers soon. I had a few Nick Bantock inks once, but think I culled them when I realised they’d dried up. Have a good week Helen#3

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