2022 One-sheets


As I am cleaning up my blog archives to make room for newer posts, I have also been reflecting on my very old (2009) Mac mini and the program I use for lots of things. It isn’t being updated and the newest version of the Mac OS seems to break it. I have been hunting and hunting for a replacement and nothing I have seen is as good or as easy or as cheap. Anyway, the point of all that is I might not be able to make calendars in the future – and I for sure won’t be able to do the book folding templates that I still send out every week as I get requests for names or images. It is also getting close enough to 2022 I thought it was worth highlighting the 2022 One-sheets that I have already made. Here is a quick overview along with links to download them:

The left version is here, and the right one here.

The left is here and the right one is here.

The doily calendars one-sheet right here and the watercolour version is here.

Of course there are other 2022 calendars also available, including the DIY one (showing the 2021 version but the 2022 version is in the download) and the Pretty circle CD one.

I am considering making a few of the 2023 versions while my Mac and my program still work, so if there is one you particularly like and would be sad not to have for 2023, do let me know. I get emails every year from people who use the Pretty CD one, the Doily one and the DIY 3×4 card one for gifts so pretty sure I would start with them. But open to requests.

Back to editing and deleting. I have a loooonnngg list of Project Life stuff that really needs to be trashed to claw back space and it’s WOYWW tomorrow so I need to get sorted for that – and not forget my If You HAD to… cards this time. DOH!

5 thoughts on “2022 One-sheets

  1. Darn, I’ve been looking for one-page calendars for my dad every year, and I just found you and sounds like they will be gone after this. I would love to have a 2023 version in the pastel purple flowers (middle row, right one). Thank you so much!

  2. I understand why you can’t continue to provide calendars, but I would very much appreciate the 2023 3×4 DIY calendar that is blank on top. I will miss your calendars as I do not know enough about technology to produce my own. My family and friends have enjoyed your calendars that I have stamped over the years. Thank you so much.

  3. ooh that is frustrating about the software, sadly I have never used a mac so cant suggest anything. Loving the images though and your downloads are always so great. hope you can find a replacement, if your a member of FB Digital Planet (the programme that used to be on) then maybe someone on there may be able to advise, often quite a useful discussion platform? Just a thought.

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