A whale of a good time! Commemorative ATCs?


Darling Daughter gets to celebrate her actual birthday with a trip to the dentist. Poor love. Just a cleaning but it was this day or a day far in the future. She had a lovely time with a pair of friends on Saturday. All my tests have been negative and I am past the 10-day time frame so at this point I (reluctantly) have to agree with The Hubster who tells me that there really probably wasn’t a serious risk to begin with. Maybe, but I am glad we divulged our concerns and let the attendees decide to come or not. They all did tests as well, before showing up at the door, and that made everyone feel as safe as possible.

One of the gifts DD got was wrapped in some lovely paper and while I had been considering setting aside ATC making for a bit, I couldn’t let this go to waste. Hence commemorative ATCs in the title. I particular liked all the off-the-page images so I focused on them for this set of cards:

The paper is mulberry paper, quite fabric-like in texture and the gold embossing is lush, so bright and shiny.

I was determined to break away from simple digital paper backgrounds so I grabbed a stack of sea-colour Distress Oxides and a very old stamp. I’ve always loved it and it survives my occasional culls year after year. Sadly not so my first thought, which was a sort of wavy sea-like background. Oh well.

A little flick from wet fingers and a spritz of water and I was happy. Then it was just 10 minutes of shifting the whales around from edge to edge till I felt like I was happy with the placement

although I ended up reversing one of them only because in my head I was thinking I wanted a whale coming off each of the four sides, top bottom left right. And then hunting for the right words. I ended up snipping and shifting bits of a poem from the 1800s – which had some odd, quite sexual verses, which I didn’t end up using LOL! but only just. The one about the hottest blood of all hints at what’s to come. DOH! No pun intended…

Pretty happy with them.

I am still deleting old stuff, like Project Life cards that I decided were not worth keeping available for download, calendars from past years (even the 2017 ones, which I know will be good for 2023, given they all would have the wrong year on them) and neatening up my menus at the top. I added my KDP books to the sidebar menu, and am considering maybe a header change or perhaps even a new WordPress theme. But that too is a lot of word and probably not worth the effort. We’ll see.

Now, what’s next? I can think of a couple of thing that have been badly ignored (like my junk journal and actually my art journals as well!) so I really must look at them. And maybe at the pace of my blogging. I don’t want to feel I HAVE to blog every day of the week if I don’t have anything of actual interest to share. When I am being super arty and productive and the projects are just flowing out of me, yeah, that works. But when things slow down and I get consumed with other stuff that needs doing, well, maybe a day or two off isn’t a bad thing …

2 thoughts on “A whale of a good time! Commemorative ATCs?

  1. Whale! Those ATC’s are brilliant! And I should think, will never be seen anywhere else in the whaled!

  2. Glad you got to enjoy DD’s birthday celebrations (apart from the dentist) and I love that paper and the atcs you made. They are gorgeous.

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