Coins done. Yippee!

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I considered and discarded about five different ideas for both the words for my coins and the method for adding them. I really liked the idea of the tiny text letters and I when I spied a sheet of sticker paper (dragged out to print labels for The Hubster’s most recent homemade hot sauce bottles) I had an AHA! moment

By the time I finished the fourth coin I finally figured out the best way to add them. Doh! Letting the stickers extend past the edge of the coin then flipping them over and trimming the bits past the edge worked far better than trying to trim them to the right size and adding them so they touched the edge. The edged of the letters are straight, the coin curved, so , yeah, Na.

Two more wrap-up photos. First, the light when I took these photos was better for catching the glimmer of the pearl spray:

And I dragged out the card to show you the real contrast between the one printed on plain cardstock in best quality and the coin backgrounds printed on 170 gsm coated cardstock on medium/standard quality! Pretty amazing, right?

And all four coins – the words came from another vintage Halloween image, and they fit both in sentiment and length:

Little bit of glare there, sorry.

I have lagged a bit, adding these to the trade sites, because the whole getting stuff packaged up and of to the PO has proved time consuming. I have maybe three sets I’ve not added, and none of them have backs printed and attached yet.

The good kind of dentist appointment today so probably an uninspiring desk tomorrow. Ah well.

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