Even more boring than yesterday….


Well. Desks first – yesterday was all about the cleaning, catching up on my WOYWW visits after both an ISP problem over the weekend that trailed on in to the week and then our own domain-hosting network problem on Wednesday and the Dentist visit. I did manage to do a MASSIVE tidy up and here is the proof, in bad light, I’m afraid, but even so:

That is both my main desk and what I call my “messy” desk. LOL!

But my Sizzix area AND the little-seen side desk are both also clean. Yippee! And even my computer desk is pretty darn tidy.

All in all I now feel prepared to actually do some art stuff. At this point I think all my current ATC trades have been closed (I got theirs, they got mine) so putting up some newer bits is OK. Plus I have another notebook just about ready to publish, just need to get final eyes on it to be sure.

Dentist was interesting. I had very little confidence in the first one I saw. I felt like she was at best misleading me. They do this thing where they tap on your teeth and the first one (I felt) ignored the tooth I went in to complain about but when she got to the tooth with the massive ancient filling she REALLY whacked it hard. I said Ow but it was more an ow of surprise more than one of pain. I said that but she went on about it and a shadow under the tooth indicating it was an infection starting. I explained part of why I came in was I was struggling with my blood sugar levels, which have been in excellent control for more than a year and said I wasn’t keen on walking around with an infection that was raising them. She said if it wasn’t to the point it needed an antibiotic (and I did also explain that with my rubbish immune system it was pretty unlikely I was going to be able to fight off the infection on my own) and that if it got worse I should go to the hospital/ER.


Of course when I spoke to my actual GP he prescribed antibiotics right away.

THIS Dentist said that tooth was OK for the time (no root canal – phew) but was more worried about the tooth I went in complaining about originally! She basically said, yes she agreed with the dentist from 2016 who said at some point it was going to have to go (again, wisdom tooth still in place so not a huge loss) but because of the meds I am on it would have to be done at the hospital. She thought it was OK for now, but said come back in 6 months for another check up and if it bothers me in between come right back in.

So yeah, from a crafty POV pretty darn boring. But for me, some resolutions. Now thinking about my next ATCs…

3 thoughts on “Even more boring than yesterday….

  1. It’s such like a relief to be heard and receive common sense advice. I hope you can have more creative time this week.

  2. Great tidy desk areas! I find them so inviting to play! And your tooth issues, oh my! What an ordeal. Glad you got the meds you need for now. Thanks for popping by, I’m running late this week.
    Carol N #24

  3. I think the point is. ….. no dentistry and inviting spaces!!!
    Well, go on then… start creating…… Oh! You have …

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