It’s all about the cleaning up…


We had a little problem with our network yesterday, in addition to my broken glasses, but not the same as the problem my ISP had over the weekend. Today is the dentist. Ugh. So this is what you might call a throwaway post. Nothing super interesting, nothing very new, nothing of note.

I did want to share that I have gotten copies of all the KDP books so far, and the little problems with the Walking notebook have been corrected. Phew. The transgender notebook cover image seems slightly less centered than it does in the PDF. so I may tweak that, not sure. Now I know they will stay on sale even without the corrections,I can’t decide if making the change is worth doing. I mean the likelihood of them flying off the shelves is so small as to be almost non-existent LOL! but still….

Here they are – and you can see that my desk is STILL a mess, hence the cleaning day today. I have to say the bright and colourful covers exceeded expectations:

and the Walking Journal fixed! Pretty happy with this one, if I’m honest. Creating the interior from scratch was a bit of a learning experience but worth doing.

Finally (so far!) the Don’t be Mean one. Again, getting the interior right using an free online tool that I have not seen mentioned in any KDP video but which I have been using for probably close to a decade, when I used to print colourful grid paper to use in my scrapbooking layouts, was interesting.

I like the idea of having both lines and doodling space, because I am a chronic doodled when bored. It seems to free my mind a bit. Anyway just on the off chance you might want to check them out they are here (only in the USA and UK Amazon.) I know it seems odd, as I have always given everything away for free on this blog and it has never been monetized in any way, but this is something that focuses on what I like (the designing) and not on the stuff I don’t (the selling and promoting of me) so I can manage it. I also bought one of my WOYWW friend’s journals which will have to wait to be shared as it’s a gift and I can’t give it away quite yet.

I finally got to meet up with my pink-haired knitting mate yesterday after a couple of weeks away because we were each unwell on two subsequent weeks (not Covid, don’t worry) and she acted as a sounding board and editor for something I have been working on as well. She did catch a stupid and repeated (copy-paste DOH!) error that I can quickly fix then I should be able to publish that one as well.

So there we go. Like I said, a bit of a throw-away post, but for me, a bit of an accomplishment.

3 thoughts on “It’s all about the cleaning up…

  1. I checked out your books. I’ve added them to my wishlist on Amazon US. I have one suggestion to make finding them easier. The link goes to Amazon UK, but I wanted to go to the US. version. I put in the “Life Is So Daily” title and lots of other books appeared – pages and pages. So I typed in the whole title and found your books. My suggestion is put your name as author or even UKMA next to publisher. Then, people searching for your books in the US can add that when typing in the search bar and find you right away. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents…
    I am excited to have a way to support you since you have freely given of yourself for so many years.

    • Thank you – that’s lovely that you felt you wanted to give back. It’s appreciated, and making books won’t stop me from making freebies don’t worry! Amazon has rules about author names and I have a thing about using my real name out there on the internet 🙂 In fact all my books have Life is so Daily as the author name! I used it as a nod to the original planner from 2015. But lad you found it – it didn’t occur to me to add the US Amazon link. Maybe I’ll add them to the sidebar on my blog to make it easier 🙂 Thanks again – you are very kind.

  2. Hope the dentist went ok. Two of your books fell into my Amazon basket! They might be Christmas presents, but I will probably keep them myself. Ali x

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