WOYWW 645 – Full disclosure…


Happy desk-hopping day! I am edging closer to the dental appointment I am both dreading and anxious for. Last night I broke my (fairly new) glasses (thank god for washi tape for a temporary fix) and everything seems to be going all Pete Tong! A bit fed up really. As a result, my creativity has taken a nosedive, and my desks, all a mess. Where to begin. Main desk is still full of the remnants of the last set of ATCs

My side desk has a bunch of ATC mailing and packaging debris and my album, which needs some new pages added to house recently received swaps. I’ll pop those in here, while also showing my one mostly clean desk, where my computer sits:

Also some WISH dies I’ve yet to show or play with.

My little seen side desk, where my Sizzix sits, is also a bit disorganized. The shelf under has my little LLJ trash bin, recently emptied and not yet placed where it needs to be) and my bins of collage fodder.

A desk way over on the side has my massive pads of A2 and A3 paper, hiding under some stuff I pulled out for ATCs and have not yet sorted back into their rightful homes.

You can just about see the weird peculiarities of this house, which is a sink and a fireplace in virtually every bedroom. The sink gets used, the fireplace, never. So yeah, today is pretty much going to be all about the tidying so I can hopefully have a weekend of creativity!

Knitting was yesterday, so I should have a clear shot at desk visits for the day. I had a great flurry of activity early last week, as knitting got cancelled, but I missed out some later arrivals when the week got crazy. If I didn’t manage to get to them all before today, I vow to do better. I mostly hit my goal of visiting every desk and commenting on all that don’t make me sign in to Google to do so. I hate to break my streak.

Happy WOYWW!!

17 thoughts on “WOYWW 645 – Full disclosure…

  1. You certainly do have a busy Art Room! The ATCs are wonderful, what a nice array! Sorry I’m so late this week, Lindart #25

  2. I’ll say a prayer for you, that your dental appt goes well with little discomfort and fast healing . I love looking at your desks when they are full of crafty goodness! You would have a heart attack if you saw mine 🙂 It’s an episode of craft hoarders ! I do need to tidy up, all that clutter does hamper my mojo! Take care ! IrissavedbyGrace

  3. I was here earlier, snooping! It amazes me how you can cram so much goodie craftiness into a day a week or even a month! Brilliant ATC’s, this post and others, and I’m wondering what wish dies you have. I keep seeing wish come up on my phone with really cheap dies and I think…ooooo I want/need those! Happy WOYWW? ((Lyn)) #18

  4. Loving the ATCs. I don’t think it matters how many desk we have we can still fill them all Lol! Sorry to hear about the glasses, I would love to see them stuck up with washi tape, very artistic Lol! Wishing you a lovely creative woyww with hugs, Angela x13x

  5. It never rains but it pours…I’m sorry life seems to be tripping you up at the moment. Love the ATCs but only make them if you want to, it’s ok just to sit and read or knit if you want! I’m chuffed that the little waste bin is still in use, makes me happy! Hope the dental appt goes smoothly…
    Sending hugs,
    LLJ 5 xxx

  6. sorry to hear about your glasses and hope the dentist was okay,

    Take care and stay safe,

  7. I think the more space we have the more we need. When I was in the box room, I knew where everything was but now . . . . I think my desk holds a great deal of it . . . .
    Can I suggest you don’t put anything away in a safe place . . . . you know what happens then . . . .
    Hope glasses and teeth get sorted as painlessly as possible
    Christine #22

  8. An hour ago I came and looked at your post and previous posts. Then I spent half an hour looking for similar skeleton free designs and I didn’t find anything that I liked and so then I spent another half hour looking for something else which I found. 🤣. Fabulous ATC’s, don’t worry about the mess – I never do! Happy WOYWW Angela #9

  9. You must have a great big craft room with all these desks in it. How I envy you – it would be lovely to have one dedicated to die cutting (which rarely happens these days despite four or five machines – they live in the hallway). I love your ATC’s, especially the Alice ones.
    I have a very loose (waggly) tooth which needs to cone out but I keep putting the dentist off as it is my least favourite place to go. Good luck with your appointment.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  10. Enjoy your weekend of creativity – hope the dentist goes Ok and you can get your glasses fixed. Enjoyed looking at your desks…
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #16

  11. I would LOVE to have a sink in my craft room! And I could also do with a couple of extra desks, but have nowhere to put them! Super messy – the way I like it! So much more to see than on a tidy desk – although we do know that tidy desks have merits of their own, of course! Love the ATCs – so varied and quirky. I hate going to the dentist as well – been putting off for a couple of years now – lockdown was a good excuse! Good luck with it all. xx zsuzsa #17

  12. Happy WOYWW. Hope that you can get glasses repaired/replaced soon, and that the dental appointment goes smoothly. Thank you for sharing all your desk areas. I have the guest shower room fairly close to my craft room (which is upstairs) and then the utility room a bit further, so go to either if I need water or a sink area. One day I would like a downstairs craft room (or preferably a bungalow) closer to the kitchen, with my own sink area. Dreaming! Ali x #14

  13. Commiserating with you re dentist dear Martha Anne, I’ve been a regular at mine of late, including tomorrow arvo. Pray you’re is blessed and goes smoothly for you. Wow glasses too, both Trent and glasses so important… lovely desky share and a sink workd be handy.
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  14. You have some great ATC’s there. I am rather envious of the number of desks you have – what amazing space, and even a sink in your work room – what a luxury! Good luck with the dentist and enjoy your weekend of creativity.
    Diana xx #7

  15. Hope your dental appointment isn’t too arduous Mary Anne. Sorry to hear about your glasses. Good luck with the rest of the tidying. I can see how a sink would be useful in a craft room – I’d love one in my shed but no such luck. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  16. Well this is very unlike you to be all messy ! hope the glasses can be fixed with little trouble and the feared dentist appointment goes without trouble… You’ve received some good swaps for your atc folder. Have a good WOYWW Helen #2

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