A bit of this, a bit of that…. ATCs and KDPs

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Happy I will be meeting up with my knitting mate today. We have missed the last two weeks (eek!) thru a series of misadventures and busy schedules. Back on track I hope.

So I did finish those ATCs, not that long after I scheduled the post, and the only difference is I went with Copic marker rather than Sharpie. And it worked great. The glue is actually my mix of matte gel medium and water, so begins white but dries clear and all I needed was a dot of Copic black and done!

I kinda always knew that the Sharpie idea was solid, but as my copics were on my desk it was easier to grab them.

Here is the set:

Reminds me of our gift to the bride and groom of the Day of the Dead figures for a long ago wedding cake. I was pretty sure I had a photo but can’t find it at the moment. Ah well.

The other thing is a notebook I made with a couple of specific people in mind. The design was a bit of a struggle (finding the right public domain images took a long time) but in the end I really like how bright and colourful it is. I was messing about with a mock-up tool and that only does the front cover. I did the back one as well just to show it – it looks like it could be two books but it isn’t

I learned a few interesting things while researching this. Firstly, words in speeches by Presidents are in the public domain. Handy, as I saw many variations on the words on the back cover that I liked but nothing that was clearly OK from a copyright perspective. Ditto the text on the front cover – I love a similar quote from Buckaroo Banzai, but Hey. Hey. Hey-now. Don’t be mean is too specific and protected while Hey. Don’t be mean. is generic enough to be unable to be copyright protected. And the the hunt for a public domain symbol for the front cover took quite a while. There are lots of ones that are Creative Commons SA but I was a bit stymied as to how to add the attribution that is required to the book in the right format. My goodness it’s a bit of a minefield. Fun tho’. Making the inside was also tricky – I wanted a half-page lined, half-page blank for drawing or doodling, and it was easy enough to make, but when looking at it in the Amazon previewer the lines looked SO pale I couldn’t see them – or worse, I could only see SOME of them. I won’t know till I can order a copy of they lines are too dark, too light, or not there at all!

I also have to say I think it’s a bit lame that Amazon won’t let you order your own copies under Amazon Prime, for free shipping at least, if not next day shipping.

I think my book that had the printing error is now OK to order, so I will grab that one, the pastel one, one a fellow WOYWWer made as an Xmas gift for a friend, and this one to check the quality and share when I get them all.

Woyww tomorrow! And then the dentist on Thursday. Ugh.

One thought on “A bit of this, a bit of that…. ATCs and KDPs

  1. Fantastic ATCS. Let me know when I can order the Walking notebook. I have just had the author copy of my Christmas notebook (with cream dotted grid interior) and all ok, so need to get that out on Instagram/Pinterest etc. The samples I ordered from Redbubble were incorrectly put together (the interior was upside down), so complained and immediately that was sorted – with replacements on their way. Definitely impressed with the Redbubble Customer Service. Now I just need more time in each day to get more designs online. Ali x

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