Day of the Dead ATCs


{sigh} I fear I am in a rut with my ATCs. I am still struggling with the internal dilemma of digital building vs. paint&ink& stamps etc. I mean, I know how long it takes me to identify the digital elements I want to use, to edit or alter them to make them work for the design I have in mind, to lay it out, tweak it, print it, trim it, then alter and tart it up to get to the final design. And yet, I still wonder if it would have been better to go back to the old “handmade” way. It’s not like I can’t do that. I think the two areas of my…art, I guess, are also at war. I am still deep into the KDP thing, mostly cause it’s new so a bit fun. And I am still really enjoying trading ATCs. Digital ATCs sometimes emerge from research or play around an idea for a KDP book. Or something else! These kinda grew from making a label for some hot sauce The Hubster had made and wanted to drop off on his way to Sunday skating with darling daughter.

Anyway, I spent quite a while with the images and some digital papers

and got to here:

And I was pretty happy with them but it needed a little final touch. I fell back on sequins, but not gold. The gold ones are actually the only ones I have that are hole-less.

So now I am left trying to figure out the best plan for covering up that little white area in the middle. Glitter? Stickles? another bead? a Sharpie dot? What’s it to be? I need to set it then decide.

As a side note, cutting out that little bit of asemic writing from a Dina Wakley stamp was one of the best things I ever did….

3 thoughts on “Day of the Dead ATCs

  1. I love ’em, they’re great! I’ve, in the very long ago past, sewn or just glued a group of beads, or miro beads into the ‘white’ hole or even , once, a googly eye.

  2. I am always amazed at your digital skills and these look fantastic, am sure either glitter, dots or beads would look good.

  3. These are stunning, I can’t even find a favourite x

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