Metal tape for ATCs


I have been having a good old play with my 3M metal tape, on sale at LIDL in October. It is not QUITE wide enough to cover an ATC in one pass, but I have been experimenting with either landscape or portrait strips abutted or slightly overlapped. For me the real issue is getting it smooth. I found this little scraper/spreader from Letratac that works a treat:

I know the extreme shine makes it hard to see, but the smooth application after pushing it down to the ATC substrate with the scraper (use a credit card – it’ll probably work close to the same with enough pressure) is smooooth.

A couple of the things I have been trying are embossing the card with an embossing folder then colouring it with alcohol markers OR dripping or sponging on alcohol ink or acrylic ink.

Very cool but so hard to really SEE.

The problem with that is that the card … contracts a bit, I guess, when embossed so it is slightly smaller than ATC size (very slightly, but still) and the back is lumpy so harder to stick the back with the info on to it.

Here is another idea then – I got out a handful of stencils, and with a small stylus/dotting tool, drew thru the stencil to deboss the pattern but keep the back of the card flat.

I have a lot of stencils and many, but not all, work really well for this. I have a set of images from one of The Octopode Factory sets that I printed and cut out, then decided they weren’t right for the backgrounds I had made. I think I will see if I can make them work with these. Still working on a few things to share at some point but still no quite there yet!

5 thoughts on “Metal tape for ATCs

  1. I squash out my glue tubes..(.when they are empty) and emboss or die cut them… I like to recycle… Love the tape idea though, that could be a lot better, then I don’t have to wait for an empty glue tube!

  2. I will have to look for some of this tape. I love your ideas, especially for ATC’s!

  3. Hiya, these are lovely, could you stick the back on before embossing?

  4. Oh!crikey! I have some of that tape somewhere…..and I used the stencils like that, didn’t have Embossing folders in those days!! lol
    Must hunt it out.
    Love the effect of the alcohol inks on the foil.

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