I never do stash videos, but…..


I bought a few things from WISH and thought I would share.

From Wish, I got a couple of dies that I think might be useful:

I really love the circles, and once cut from fun foam think they will work well as a stamp too. Also yeah, the trees, thinking ahead (how unlike me!) to that big holiday in December.

This is interesting. Been here 25+ years and still use inches. So when I saw this booklet of cute little tear-out pages I grabbed it. You can see what is coming, right?

But you know, I am actually OK with that – they are so small that they work fab for ATC cards and coins. Half the book has paper sheets and the other half is vellum – and not just duplicates! I slipped some white paper behind the vellum so you can see the pattern better.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the sweet little book cloth spine! I think once the pages are all torn out that is totally going to be re-purposed as another tiny book.

I also scored this metal tape from LIDL (or should I say the Hubster did) and am looking forward to playing with that. I have seen people in the US use it (where it is much more widely available) and have always hankered after it but never saw it here in the UK for a reasonable price. I think this was …£1.99 a roll? Could be way off on that, but check your local LIDL and see if they have it:

I’ve not gotten much further than planning to add it to cardboard (Amazon packaging) to make ATCs. I have some ideas but not quite there yet!

Busy Saturday and I am still not feeling top drawer – tomorrow will be a day of rest (well, except laundry!) for sure.

6 thoughts on “I never do stash videos, but…..

  1. Good morning, Soshi. Quick note ont he metal tape. I first sat Tim Holtz use it. YouTube search should bring you plenty of ideas… you know, like we need more ideas. hehe I want to make some tiny/ small journals. Just busy at the moment. But I’ve been saving ‘perfect size’ boxes. LOL Creative Blessings! Kelly #22

    • Sorry, MaryAnne. Not sure why this came up with me thinking it was Soshi’s blog. Weird LOL. I had clicked on hers. Hmmm. But the comment is for you. LOL

  2. What does the little pad of paper say besides Bennet’s Manor and where did you get it, I can’t wait to see your finished project either.

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