Digital ATCs – sort of

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Yesterday was a black hole of unexpected issues, including a cancelled knitting session, a trip to the dentist, and a call to the Dr. Annoying and hopefully sorted out soon. For once I was not a bit ahead in my blog posts, so this is quite late. Something I had worked on a couple of weeks ago and then set aside, but it seemed like something I could finish up today – and my hints about something coming had to be put off because of stupid errors on my part – I might just have to hold on to that till next week. ANYWAY…

I had bought a digital element that was a full sheet of Frida Kahlo images as one image. With a lot of fiddling I extracted the images as individual items then framed them to fit an ATC. I then created a single sheet of digital paper that had the bits from about 5 or 6 different digital papers placed just so

Once I did that I was able to precisely overlay the images and create a single sheet to print

Once I printed them I decided to use those gel pens, the neon and gold ones, to tart up the print out

I really like making my stash work for me in ways I need it to, and I am not opposed to chopping up something if I think it will work better that way. I bought (total impulse) a set of bugs, stamps and dies. In the end I haven’t really used them like I expected

But one of the first things I did was cut away the little Fig. # bits. For a start, that bit is not included in the die-cutting area, and the extra makes it harder to line up the bit you do want to cut. Or at least it does for me. And I actually have used the words more often then the actual stamps/dies at this point.

It was a nice addition to each card, along with the gel pen doodles and some other stamping.

They still need something, but now I have other stuff to do so they won’t get finished till either later today or tomorrow, depending on when I feel up to it. This does bring me to my actual point. Other ATC makers, if you stumble on this, what is your feeling about digital ATCs – printed or printed and tarted up? On some sites it seems the are thought of as other, maybe not as good as ones made from scratch. There seems to be a hierarchy – hand painted or hand drawn, mixed media or collaged, printed + extras, just a print. I’m not sure I buy that, because I have seen some digital collage ATCs that are freakin’ amazing, and some hand-painted ones I would have been ashamed to tell people I was the one responsible for them! Thought?

One thought on “Digital ATCs – sort of

  1. I can spend hours on my digital art,but there seems to be an attitude that digital is not as good. Digital art can be “flat” sometimes and lacks texture that can be felt, but it is still art! Somehow people think it is is easier and I guess if you print out a bought image and stick it to an ATC that is true, but not if you are creating.

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